Monthly Archives: October 2005

PHP Certification and getid3

I have been using the getid3 PHP library lately and I must say it is the most complete, if not over complete, library of a particular use I have ever seen to date.

Cellos and Metallica!

ApocalypticA I have only listened to a live stream, but I am very impressed. You got to check this out! Obey your master and play your cello! Hey dude! Where did Beatallica go? Here it is:

Dreamweaver 8 and comparing files: Use WinMerge

I have been putting Dreamweaver 8 through a lot this weekend. I found a neat section in the Preferences to add a 3rd party application to compare two files. The product Macromedia recommends costs money and I already prefer a different file comparison application called WinMerge. Well I set the preferences to use the WinMerge.exe […]

Dreamweaver 8 is awesome!

Web development is changing dramatically. The biggest change is with using style sheets. For the past few years, I have used style sheets sparingly. Many older browsers do not support all the styles and if the user turns off the ability to render styles the web site ends up looking like a boring list of […]