Remove the close tab button from Firefox 2.0

If you are a Firefox user like myself, you most likely installed the latest Firefox 2.0 and love it. The only problem I have had is the new close button found in the right side of each tab. I’ve accidently closed about a dozen tabs simply cause my tab clicks were over the X button. Talk about fustrating. I did a little searching and found the setting to remove the close tab button.

First, in the address bar, type:


Do a search for the following:


Possible values:

0 – Display close button on current tab only
1 – Display close button on each tab (default)
2 – No close button in any tab

I used the 0 setting which removes the close button from all of the tabs except the one you are viewing currently. That’s just perfect for me!

Happy surfing!


Google Code Search

Sweet! The first search I made was of my full name. It looks like the first few results I have had a hand in! 🙂

The Google codesearch will most likely be the most important search tool for us developers until someone figures out how to develop software without any coding involved. Hopefully for us, that will never happen.