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User Defined List of Stocks found in SPAM for MIMESweeper 5.x

We have observed a huge spike in the amount of spam getting through that advertises stocks. I found this web site on Clearswifts forum that lists a lot of stocks that have been found in spam:

To make the list I highlighted the results (from within Firefox, using IE will add other garbage) from the site noted above and pasted the results into a text file. I then saved the file as stockspam.txt in a temporary directory. Then I created the following script in the same temp directory to parse each line to create the MIMESweeper import file. You will need PHP installed in order for the following script to work.

Command: php -q script.php

The download below is the result. You may import the generated stockspam.exl into MIMESweeper or download the script and tweak the stock spam how you see fit.

Last revised on 10/27/2006

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