Microsoft SPAM Unsubscribe Requires MS Passport

So I keep getting emails from Microsoft and today I decided to unsubscribe. When I click the unsubscribe link, I am directed to a Microsoft Passport sign in page. I then surfed around the site and came across this page: Which in any of the three options, requires me to sign into my Microsoft Passport. Unfortunately, the email they are sending spam to is a Google Email address, and when I enter my Google Email address in the forgot passport password page, it tells me that my Passport account does not exist. I’m not about to create a MS passport account simply to unsubscribe to their annoying mailing list. Is this Microsoft’s legitimate way of verifying email addresses, something spammers do to confirm that the destination is a live recipient? Crafty Microsoft, nice work.

This is just another sign how Microsoft is out of touch with what is happening on the web. Their horrible web browser and piss poor podcasting support in their operating system is an obvious sign of this but the little details such as this one just put into perspective that Microsoft will not be leading anything in the web technology sector anytime soon. My prediction, Microsoft will need to spin off or shut down some of their piss poor divisions so they can focus on being an Operating System company.

Oh and let me unusbscribe from your horrible news letter without having a passport!