mp3 player search

I am looking at picking up an mp3 player. I am leaning towards a Rio Carbon since it plays all formats and can be charged through a USB port. The Rio Karma is tempting since it has a lot more space for only a few more bucks and it has an ethernet port. The big […]

New logo complements of BJ

BJ (blog) made me a sweet banner for my blog today. The new banner features a hood of a white Firebird Trans Am, chili peppers, computer circiut board, and a scene from the May 4, 1970 shooting at Kent State University. It is a true reflection of my interests in cars, food, computers, and politics. […]

Off to a good start

I finally setup my own personal blog. WordPress is super easy to install and I like the fact that it is written in PHP. 🙂 Now, I just need to figure out what I am going to put here.