Macromanagement with no penalty for failure

Our President uses a method of management called Macromanagement. He picks people to run different aspects of our Government and then leaves the decision making up to them. This is most likely the most effective way to run a large business, organization or government. But there is one aspect missing in this management style. A […]

wxWidgets book is here!

I received the new wxWidgets book yesterday. I am very excited to finally have a text on a subject I am very enthusiastic about. I have high hopes that wxWidgets will become the standard for application development. Its main advantage is portability. It is very exciting when I was able to successfully compile one of […]

2006 Civic Si

Well, if you know me then you know my excitement. This car is awesome!!! There are only two things about the car that bother me, and that is the styling of the front and rear bumpers. I like the more agressive hard lines the RSX has. Besides this, the rest of the car rocks. Here […]

Blogging mad I tell you!

This is wild, I just posted 3 things to my blog within a 15 minute time frame. I am blogging mad! I got a new multimedia keyboard today at work. It is a Dell product, and it functions pretty well. The down side? So far I keep getting a bad impression of Dell. I am […]

Mighty Mouse? no, just apple’s rat! What amazes me is this is a pretty cool mouse. But it is not Mighty. I think it sends a mixed signal. I was given the impression for many years that Apple computers use 1 button mice so they do not confuse computer users. So now I am confused, will Apple’s users all of […]

Google Talk

I just installed the new Google Talk communication program. I am very excited to see how simplistic it is and the way it manages open windows is very revolutionary. You’re not going to find any faces when you type in 🙂 but that is what is neat, it kind of gives me a feel of […]

Chicken Fries? Don’t waste your money

A little over a week ago I got a chance to try these new chicken fries, an exclusive product of a particular fast food chain. I will not mention their name because my impression is not favorable. THESE THINGS ARE TERRIBLE AND NOT WORTH THE MONEY OR TIME! I was expecting a large quantity of […]


I have just come to realize how important drive is to ones self. I personally motivate myself by setting goals and rewarding myself afterward. My biggest drive lately is to own a really fast, fun to drive car. This drive is sometimes obsessive, sometimes needless, but definitely necessary for me to accomplish great tasks. Realization […]

There’s another Munster!

Many moons ago I worked for Little Caesars pizza. One of their best kept secrets (not really that secret) was their cheese. We used to grind it fresh every morning and man was it good. Around the time I quit working their in 1995, they started using prepackaged cheese which lacked that fresh taste that […]

Ohio Route 1

I have updated my Ohio Route 1 web site. The state of Ohio has many state marked roads. Ohio does not have a Route 1. One day I was surfing the net and came across a web page on the Ohio Department of Transportation that has every state issued map available for download online. I […]