The Sears/Kmart dot com = Horrible Commerce Sites and Craftsman made over seas?

First let me clear the air, the / (And all other domains it takes itself on as) are horrible sites for web commerce. Also troubling is the trend to manufacture Craftsman hand tools over seas. Searching for Craftsman Tools on a Mobile Device Searching for Tools on with a mobile device is […]

Pegboard in the Garage and Snags Tearing Down the Pontiac 301 Turbo

This Memorial Day weekend I got to do some work around the house. My initial plan was to start building the Pontiac 400, but I recently discovered I needed one more part (Cam thrust plate) and it did not arrive yet, so I decided to work on the firewall and other various little parts on […]

Torque Wrenches Reviewed

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AJaxMyTop – mtop for the web browser

If you like to monitor MySQL, you are going to love this application. AJAXMyTop is a simple web application that allows you to monitor the currently executed queries on your MySQL server.  It is pretty useful, especially when you are trying to diagnose page loading issues.

ClamWin Anti-Virus

If you seek a freeware anti-virus solution for your Windows machine, look no further. Check out ClamWin: ClamWin Home

Display Folder Size in Windows Explorer Details View

Ever wanted to know how much data is stored in a particular folder when browsing your computer? Use FolderSize: It also reports file sizes, so you could simply delete the filesize column in Windows Explorer Details View and put ‘Folder Size’ in its place.