AJaxMyTop – mtop for the web browser

If you like to monitor MySQL, you are going to love this application. AJAXMyTop is a simple web application that allows you to monitor the currently executed queries on your MySQL server.  It is pretty useful, especially when you are trying to diagnose page loading issues.

Serious shortcomings with PHP5 get_headers() function

I was writing some code to find out if a file exists on a server and if it does, have it return the size in bytes.  I found a useful function built into PHP 5, get_headers().  For getting file sizes, it works flawlessly.  For situations where the file does not exist on the server, the […]

Quick .htaccess to list files in directory on apache web server

If your web server to supports .htaccess files and you can specify “Options” from within your .htaccess file, then the following is a quick 1 line solution to your file listing needs. So you just uploaded a tun of pictures to a web directory and you want a list of all the images.  Since the […]

CW9 – June 3, 2007 – Subversion revision control system

One Topic:Subversion, a open-source, cross platform revision control system. Tonight I talk about how to install, configure and understand how to use a Subversion repository. Don’t forget to E-mail comments and suggestions to compiledweekly AT Subversion :: An open-source revision control system Subversion on Wikipedia :: Wikipedia information on Subversion Setup Subversion Server Linux […]

CW7 – July 13, 2006

Two topics: TinyMCE, a cross browser HTML rich text editor and solutions for SPAM. TinyMCE is an excellent html styled text editor that has an endless number of settings and is extendable. In the second topic I address SPAM and talk about two server solutions; SpamAssassin and MIMESweeper. Software recommendation of the week: nLite, web […]

CW6 – June 8, 2006

Two topics, ModRewrite for Apache and TrixBox PBX. ModRewrite lets you do some really cool things with Apache you thought you couldn’t do. TrixBox is a Voice Over IP PBX Phone system built on CentOS Linux. Software recommendation, UltraVNC and Web Script recommendation, IMP Webmail. UltraVNC :: PCAnywhere / Remote Desktop Alternative ModRewrite :: ModRewrite […]

CW5 – April 20, 2006

This week we look at phpMailer, a PHP E-mailing class and wxWidgets basics. Show also includes 3 useful Firefox extensions for web development, phpMyAdmin recommendations. HTML Validator :: HTML Validator extension for Firefox Web Developer :: Web Developer extension for Firefox MeasureIt :: MeasureIt extension for Firefox phpMailer :: phpMailer, PHP E-mail class phpMyAdmin :: […]

CW4 – April 6, 2006

This week, CompiledWeekly explains ghow to make quick and reliable SQL queries with a set of MySQL Assisting functions in PHP. Plus software application of the week 7-Zip, web site of the week and PodProducer podcast software reviewed. 7-Zip :: 7-Zip file compression utility MySQL Assisting functions in PHP :: MySQL Assisting functions in […]

CW3 – March 30, 2006

This week, CompiledWeekly gets you started with the Nullsoft Install System (NSIS) and how to handle PHP magic quotes. Plus software application of the week KeePass and web site of the week is the Javascript sectiono of NSIS :: Nullsoft Insatll System Venis :: Visual Enviornment for Nullsoft Install System HM NIS :: HM […]

CW2 – March 23, 2006

This week, CompiledWeekly gets you started with wxWidgets and Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition and explains what is E-mail injection and how to prevent it. Plus software application of the week WinMerge and web site of the week :: Promote your podcast and get promoted. wxWidgets and Visual C++ Express :: Get started […]