Weber Porcelain-Enamel Cast Iron Cooking Grates #7526 fits Spirit E-320 / S-320

If you are shopping for Cast Iron cooking grates for your Weber Spirit E-320/S-320 grill and found that web sites such as and and find the documentation says the Cast Iron Cooking grates #7526 fit only the Genesis Silver B and C and Spirit E-310 gas grills, then this posting is for you.

The Weber Porcelain-Enamel Cast Iron Cooking Grates #7526 fits Weber Spirit E-320/S-320 and E-310 grills as well as all other Spirit 300 and Spirit 700 series grills as noted on the product box.

Weber Grates for E-320

For some reason the information that all of these web sites are using specifically quotes the E-310 model, even though the product box says otherwise. If you’re like me and have an E-320 and were worried about ordering the wrong grates, the #7526 is the right part for your grill.

5 comments on "Weber Porcelain-Enamel Cast Iron Cooking Grates #7526 fits Spirit E-320 / S-320"

  1. Knighthawk says:

    It even melts your siding 🙂

  2. Chris says:

    Wish they made those to fit my grill. Had porcelain grills on my last smoker but sadly not on my new one which is not a weber by the way.

  3. Angelo says:

    Lol yes I melted a corner of my siding. Which is a lesson to anyone reading, even if the grill appears to be off it may still have heat radiating from the back of the grill lid!

  4. fred stephens says:

    While the package states the grates are porcelain coated cast iron, they are just cast iron, a packaging error or misprint.

  5. weber gas grills says:

    bqq is so much better on a weber

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