Monthly Archives: June 2009

PodCamp Ohio 2009 After Thoughts

Another PodCamp Ohio has come and gone! The second annual PodCamp Ohio went extremely well. Confirmed attendance was exactly 200, and factoring in some other missing swag and nametags, I estmate attendance was somewehre between 210-220. We had some new sponsors as well as some repeat sponsors this year. TechSmith,, Doctor Anonymous, Spaceblue and […]

Silverlight: Setting Wait Cursor on Disabled Controls

For operations that take a long time, you’ll want to notifiy users that something is happening, and perhaps prevent them from interacting with the application during that time. One method is to make a semi-opaque rectangle covering the whole control, with a loading message of some kind.  But I wanted to just disable the controls and change the […]

Baby 5-Month Update

It’s been so long since we’ve made a post about Melanie! So I figured I would for Father’s day. She is doing great! She rolled over a couple times at the end of April (front to back), but hadn’t again until June 3rd or so (and then it was back to front only!). Today I […]

We got a Wii Fit!

Angelo has been suggesting we get a Wii Fit for a while now, and I finally gave in and he went out and bought one on Sunday. I was recording a show on Fit TV, which I could watch for free, so I didn’t think we needed a $250 game system just to work out. […]