Monthly Archives: January 2009

2 and a half week update

Melanie is more than 2 and half weeks old, and we all are doing great! Most of the relatives have now paid a visit, and it’s just Mom, Dad and Melanie now. And of course Ty the dog and Giga the cat. Ty is pretty protective already, and doesn’t like Giga coming close to Melanie. […]

Eyes are open!!

Here’s some recent pictures of Melanie with her eyes open! She seemed pretty content in her chair and in Grandma’s arms. At her doctor appointment on Thursday she weighed 8lb 7oz, so she’s gained 4 oz since leaving the hospital! Last night she slept for 3-4 hour shifts, which was really nice. Angelo and I […]

Floral Gifts!

Thank you so much for all the congratulations, flowers, and gifts!! Here’s a picture of all the beautiful flowers and some of the gifts we received in the last few days.

Stork Craft Recall on Cribs Made from May 2000 through November 2008

Stork Craft, the biggest brand of home assembled cribs and other baby furnishings has recalled all of their cribs made from May of 2000 through November of last year. The support bracket has a defect which can result in the crib floor falling out along the front of the crib. Details are available on the […]

Pictures on Peekaboo Babies Website

Melanie had her first photo shoot Sunday the 11th while in the hospital. The pictures can be found here at the OhioHealth Peekaboo Babies website or by going to and searching for babies by birthdate (Jan 10th), ‘man’ as first 3 letters of name, and OH for state. I don’t think we’ll be buying […]

Happy Birthday Melanie!!

We are happy to announce the birth of our new baby daughter Melanie Gail. Early Friday morning I woke up with regular contractions and decided not to go into work. But the contractions went away for most of the day, and I did a little work fom home, and we had the piano tuned as […]

Baby Day at the Mandato’s

We had a baby girl! Melanie Gail Mandato was born today, January 10, 2009 at 12:42 AM. She’s a healthy 9 pounds 0 ounces and 19 inches long. Here’s a picture at 12 hours. Heather will be blogging more at our new family blog,

Integrating PHP Command Line Scripts with Existing Web Projects

After reading the post on Johan Mares site about the PHP command line interface, I thought I would indulge in the details how I’ve been using the PHP cli for some of my web based applications. First, some of my web apps have multiple configuration files which are determined by the $_SERVER[‘HTTP_HOST’] value. If (stricmp( […]

Converting URL to Local File Path in Batch MySQL INSERT Query Using SUBSTRING_INDEX() and CONCAT()

I wanted to quickly take a URL (e.g. and translate it to the local path (e.g. /home/user/public_html/somefolder/somefile.ext) while inserting multiple records into a new table. My first thought was to select all the records, use PHP to trim off the path, then insert the new record in the new table. There’s a better answer, […]

Baby Room Update

Initially we’ll probably have Melanie sleep in our room in a bassinet, but I’m sure she’ll love her room too! We now have a crib (with mobile), twin size bed (for guests when she’s sleeping in our room, late night feedings, or when we pass out after trying to get her to sleep), changing table, […]