Monthly Archives: December 2008

Updating XP and Vista to support WebDAV Web Folders from Apache – Patch KB907306

If you are familiar with WebDAV or even Subversion and use Windows XP/Vista, you will appreciate this tidbit of information. You can browse a WebDAV server in Windows XP and Vista using Windows Explorer. There is a problem though, Windows XP and Vista will try to use NTLM authentication (Active Directory) to authenticate with the […]

PHP Function HTTP Status Code Value as String

I’ve been working with the php CURL library and found that it would not return an error if the server returned a 500 error. After looking up 3 different status codes that I wasn’t very familiar with, I created the following function. It is very complete and includes additional WebDAV, Apache and Microsoft codes. function […]

Baby T-Minus 21 Days – Infant Seat, Stroller and Monitor Ready

We’re now less than 3 weeks away from our due date! Heather and I are quite excited! We recently made our last big purchases before the baby arrives! We got a car seat, matching stroller and an audio/video baby monitor. Car Seat –  Chicco KeyFit 30 We decided on the Chicco KeyFit 30 car seat […]

Block Ad tracking, AdWare, Spyware and MalWare Cookies in Firefox

I just recently had my credit card number stolen. As a precautionary measure, I scanned my computer with both AntiVirus and Spyware applications. I do have AntiVirus, but occasionally a virus will get through that it doesn’t detect. The first step is to scan your computer with a second AntiVirus application. If you are looking […]

Christmas 2008 Lights are up

The house Christmas lights are up! The 2 small trees in the front are new. Heather wants to add lights to the porch or maybe the bushes. We’ll see, looks like today will be the warmest day in Columbus for a while.

Heather made Cherry Pie!

Heather made cherry pie! She made her own filling even though the can of cherries came with a generic filling. It’s really good.