Sealed Up the Fireplace for the winter

I sealed up the fireplace for the winter. There was a good draft coming in. I used a sheet of plywood 36″ x 44″ with 3 – 36″ x 18″ 3/4″ thich foam insulation boards sandwiched behind to insulate the opening. I used 4 close line 4″ long hooks to anchor the plywood to the frame of the fireplace. Take a look.

2 comments on "Sealed Up the Fireplace for the winter"

  1. RandyNose says:

    Angelo, if that doesn’t keep the draft out enough, you might consider some Canvas over the top of the chimney…. Just a thought….


  2. HamsteronA says:

    no1 cares about the dimensions of ur firplace. grow up.

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