Monthly Archives: August 2008

We’re having a baby girl!

If you haven’t herd the news yet, Heather and I are having a baby girl! We went in for our week 20 visit today and all is well. The due date is January 13, 2009. Heather and I have been relatively quiet about the baby for a number of months now. It was suggested that […]

Post New Media Expo 2008

What a week! Heather and I traveled to Las Vegas last week, where we promptly went to Salt Lake City to visit friends for a few days before the New Media Expo. First, my Avis Car Rental rant. Avis Car Rental I paid an extra $10 a day to rent a Chevy Cobalt or equivalent […]

Blubrry Powerpress podcasting plugin for WordPress

The new Blubrry Powerpress podcasting plugin for WordPress is now available. This is a very light weight podcasting plugin for WordPress to provide only the fundamental features for hosting a podcast on a WordPress blog. Features: Easily add/modify/remove podcast episodes from blog posts Integrated media player iTunes RSS tags iTunes album/cover art upload new iTunes/RSS […]