Monthly Archives: September 2007

Cleveland Indians win American League Central Division!

The Indians are in the playoffs! This is the first time the Indians have been in the playoffs since I started dating Heather. I’ve forewarned Heather that I’m going to be watching the games. I hardly watch sports and technically I am not the greatest sports fan. But the Indians in the playoffs trump all. […]

AJaxMyTop – mtop for the web browser

If you like to monitor MySQL, you are going to love this application. AJAXMyTop is a simple web application that allows you to monitor the currently executed queries on your MySQL server.  It is pretty useful, especially when you are trying to diagnose page loading issues.

Fundamental issues with Windows Vista

I just recently purchased a new computer. It’s very powerful. It has a 320GB hard drive, Intel core 2 Duo 4400 running at 2Ghz and 2GB of memory. There is one problem though, Windows Explorer in Vista. I can’t explain how unstable Windows Explorer is in Vista. The operating system itself does not crash, but […]