Monthly Archives: October 2006

Remove the close tab button from Firefox 2.0

If you are a Firefox user like myself, you most likely installed the latest Firefox 2.0 and love it. The only problem I have had is the new close button found in the right side of each tab. I’ve accidently closed about a dozen tabs simply cause my tab clicks were over the X button. […]

Add a touch to your web site

My friend BJ had a suggestion to give one of the sites a little extra touch during the Halloween holiday. It was a logo with a Halloween pumpkin in it. It is pretty sweet and reminds me of the PHP logo with the snow during the winter months. It is a good touch to a […]

Ohio: Definitely vote NO on issue 4!

Issue 4 is just one example how big business influences government policies in very negative ways. Backed by the smoking industry, issue 4 aims to add an amendment to the Ohio constitution that bans state, city and property owners from making laws/rules banning smoking. It also goes as far as to define where smokers may […]

CW8 – October 12, 2006 – web design, shoutcast, media production and hosting

Recorded on October 4th, Angelo speaks with good friend Matt, who owns Choice Lynk Media, a Multi-media production company. We talk about his web site, podcasting, shoutcast server and other interesting tech stuff. Also cover some basic features that we will be talking about over the next few weeks on how to setup your own […] reports customers and gets their cable modem disabled

Yes, as reported at the GeekNewsCentral (, filed a complaint to my ISP (Time Warner Cable) that I was scanning ports on their servers.’s inability to assess the situation caused me (a customer) hours of headaches trying to get my cable modem turned back on. I had to go through 3 tiers […]

Google Code Search Sweet! The first search I made was of my full name. It looks like the first few results I have had a hand in! 🙂 The Google codesearch will most likely be the most important search tool for us developers until someone figures out how to develop software without any coding involved. Hopefully for […]