Monthly Archives: July 2006


I have been noticing that my heart beat will race in the afternoon after drinking 2-3 diet cokes/dr. peppers. I finally decided it was time to figure out exactly how much caffeine I was drinking. Chart with mg’s for typical beverages Hershey’s Chocolates Chart So today I had 1 can of diet cherry vanilla Dr. […]

CW7 – July 13, 2006

Two topics: TinyMCE, a cross browser HTML rich text editor and solutions for SPAM. TinyMCE is an excellent html styled text editor that has an endless number of settings and is extendable. In the second topic I address SPAM and talk about two server solutions; SpamAssassin and MIMESweeper. Software recommendation of the week: nLite, web […]

Rude Podcasters!

I have been working this past few days on fixing some bugs on Most of the feedback has been positive but there have been a couple very rude people. What bothers me is how ignorant people are when dealing with the public. I know many of us get frustrated when things do not work […]