Monthly Archives: April 2006

Keep an old computer just in case

You may say, this is bad advice but I am beginning to think this is a good idea, within reason. In particualr, keep an old computer that bridges the technology gap that you deal with. In my case, I am keeping an old P3 450Mhz computer simply to install my old copy of Windows 98 […]

Waring Brand Drink Mixer

Man I really want this drink mixer. I have a $30 Hamilton Beach job that may work for some people but lacks in the industrial strength of a commercial grade drink mixer. I worked at a Denny’s long enough to know that a commercial grade mixer will take a block of ice and mix it […]

ClamWin Anti-Virus

If you seek a freeware anti-virus solution for your Windows machine, look no further. Check out ClamWin: ClamWin Home

Keep Backups of your MySQL Databases

IF your web site MySQL data is critical, I recommend you check out AutoMySQLBackup. This script will keep a week of daily backups of your database and has the option to E-mail the backup in a compressed file. It also keeps a permanent monthly backup.

The A-Team Seasons 1-4 on DVD

Last year they released DVD box sets of The A-Team seasons one and two. Well I just found out this year they released seasons three and four! I believe there is one season left and it only had 13 episodes. I sure hope they release it next year.

PodProducer: Audacity alternative

I found out about PodProducer this evening in a project I am involved in. Since I do some podcasting I thought I would check it out. So far it is a very light weight podcast producing application and it seems simple. I will get it a real test tomorrow, maybe it will replace Audacity. PodProducer

Hershey’s Sugar Free Easter Eggs

I bought some Hershey’s chocolate sugar free Easter eggs today and let me tell you, it is pretty darn good. I looked on Hershey’s web site but could not find a product description. I did find another online retailer that sells it which I am linking to. Wal-mart had it for $2.88.