Monthly Archives: March 2006

Left spiral Snails more likely to live Crab attacks

This is so interesting I have to blog about it. Basically, snails that have a left spiral or scientists refer as southpawed, are more likely to survive attacks from crabs since most crabs are right handed. Actually, are all crabs right handed?

E-mail Injection

E-mail injection is caused when form fields entered by hackers who add unexpected lines of text to the from and/or subject lines of your form. For instance, many web sites add a contact us page to their web site to allow a web visitor an opportunity to send comments and suggestions. Usually these forms ask […]

Display Folder Size in Windows Explorer Details View

Ever wanted to know how much data is stored in a particular folder when browsing your computer? Use FolderSize: It also reports file sizes, so you could simply delete the filesize column in Windows Explorer Details View and put ‘Folder Size’ in its place.

Domain Names and Web Hosting – DON’T MIX

I have had my share of troubles with domain names registered with web hosting companies. Currently I am trying to change name servers for a domain hosted by StartLogic ( and let me tell you they are the worst I have ever had to deal with. Their web control panel says I can change the […]