Monthly Archives: November 2005

Walmart + T-bone steak = Crap

I bought a T-bone steak this evening from the local Wal-mart Superstore. I have been hesitant to buy meat from Walmart but since the steak was almost a pound and less than $8 I figure it is worth a try. IT’S CRAP!!! I can’t drench enough Worcestershire sauce on it. There is this awful aftertaste […]

Compiling wxWidgets with Visual C++ Express 2005

If you are interested in using the new Visual c++ Express 2005 to compile wxWidgets applications then this is the blog to read. Check out the wxWidgets and Visual C++ Express page now!

AOL IM Bots? Oh no!!!

Yes, AOL has decided since others send spam messages through AIM, they would too. You do not want to know how much this upsets me. I wonder if AIM is loosing that much market share to Yahoo that they actually thought this was a good way to win back users. Agg! Damn you AOL, […]

PodcasterNews Goes online

If you know me, then you have heard me talk and rave about the recent project I have been working on. Well here it is, Check it out:

Farm that special someone!

This is funny, A web site for single farmers to meet other single farmers. Actually, do the farmers have to be single? 😮 At least I do not see any farm animals posted yet.

Chip clip? How about Binder clips for 1/10th the cost!

I always loose my chip clips! I was at the store yesterday to buy some more and they wanted $2 for each one! Forget that! So the other night I got the idea to use a binder clip. And guess what? They work great! Not only that, you can buy a ton of them for […]