Monthly Archives: May 2005

Web Site Almost Complete

I have made great progress on the web site. I hope to have the Links page working by the end of the weekend. When it is done, the links page will be a great place for others to see web sites that I recommend for finding specific information and software. 🙂

New Styles On-line

Web design is never ending it seems. I am slowly transforming the tech-bytes theme into my own special theme. The past few days I have changed the background to the zero’z and ones’s of my past site and now using arial as my main font. Hope you enjoy. Next phase is to have my personal […]

Handling submitted form data in PHP

I wrote a new page on how to handle submitted form data in PHP. Click here and check it out. I explore some methods to handle the variables posted and what advantages each have.

What, my name is?

I have a real identity problem. Many people know me by two different names. The only thing consistant is my last name. So, who do you call me, Angelo or Tony? It all started when I was born. I was named Angelo Anthony Mandato after my Grandfather. My Grandfather went by Tony, so naturally I […]

Global database connection files

Are you a PHP developer with the database connection blues? Then click here and see how I do it!

PHP and HTML filenames

I am starting to post pages of some of the techniques that I use when developing PHP. If you are a web programmer, please check it out. 🙂 This week I explain how I name files for web development. PHP Filenames

Tin soldiers and Nixon coming

35 years ago shots were fired at Kent State University. This is a special topic to me and not just because I went to Kent State. Learning about the shooting made me recongize how history can be interpreted differently than how others lived it. History books and writings refer the ROTC building that was burned […]

mp3 player search

I am looking at picking up an mp3 player. I am leaning towards a Rio Carbon since it plays all formats and can be charged through a USB port. The Rio Karma is tempting since it has a lot more space for only a few more bucks and it has an ethernet port. The big […]