True meaning of meta robots content equals = noodp

I see a lot of misunderstandings of the “noodp” found in meta tags with name “robots”. <meta name=”robots” content=”noodp” /> Not all content values for a meta robots HTML tag are bad. Most robots content values do not block search engines from indexing pages. The noodp is one of those examples. The equivalent to the […]

Podcast Movement 2016 – Hosting Session on Podcasting with WordPress and IAB Metrics Panel

I will be hosting a Question and Answer session at Podcast Movement 2016 on Podcasting with WordPress. If you are attending Podcast Movement this July and have questions about podcasting with WordPress, please come to the Solutions Stage room on Friday, July 10th, from 2:30-3:15pm. I will be part of a panel discussion on IAB […]

Featured Image Test

this is a featured image test.

GetID3 analyze() function new file size parameter

You can now read ID3 (media file headers) information from mp3 and other media files using GetID3 library without having the entire media file present. The new 2nd parameter to the analyze() member function allows you to detect play time duration with only a small portion of the file present. Years ago I added this […]

Rest in peace TY!

Ty passed away today. His kidneys failed, it all happened rather quickly.   We miss you buddy!

Where to find your user contributed images you’ve submitted to over the years

If you’re not aware, last Summer (August 15th I believe) removed the “User Contributed Images” feature. If you’re like me and uploaded additional product images and wanted to find them for reference, you’re going to be searching for a very long time. To find your uploaded images, go to, sign-in, then navigate to […]

Project Trans Am – Month 35, Interior Coming Together

I’ve moved the monthly updates on Project Trans Am to my Mods and blog and podcast. My latest post covering everything I’ve done last August with photos is available here: Outline of Accomplishments LAST MONTH Insulation Completed Carpet Installed Kick Panels, 1/4 Panels and Sill Plates installed Oil Pressure and Water Temperature Lines […]