Update your Windows XP installation CD

I decided to format my machine and install Windows XP fresh. I decided I wanted to update my XP cd so that it had service pack 2 (slipstream) and my Sis 3112 SATA drivers installed. I spent a few hours trying to edit the appropriate files and finally ended up utilizing nLite. nLite blew me away. All you need to know is where your drivers are and you are good to go.


Podalyzer, stats for your podcasts

If you are looking for a nice solution to create specific stats on your podcasts, check out podalyzer: hexten dot net slash podalyzer

You will need a fairly up to date setup of Perl to utilize podalyzer. I ran some tests and found it is excellent for making stats from your mp3s.

I did have a problem trying to use stats from libsyn. Libsyn is doing some funky stuff with the logs, instead of 200 ok status messages there are 202 status messages and the path saved in the log is not the same path that is in the URL. Hopefully a future version of podalyzer will be able to handle this pitfall.


IE7 beta 2, it’s not ready

I installed and played with the new IE7 beta 2 and I was impressed by some features they were able to copy from Firefox and Opera but I was turned off once I noticed how it broke a lot of my existing software. Basically, Nero and Yahoo Messenger became unstable during the install of IE7. If you use your computer with these programs on a regular basis, I would avoid the new IE7 beta.

I was eager to see how they would handle RSS feeds. To my surprise, they did not over-haul the method in which favorites are stored. They are still saved in files with a .url extension. More disappointing is the RSS feeds are not integrated into the favorites. I know why they separated the RSS feeds from the Favorites – the RSS feeds need to be cached and refreshed every so often, which would bring up a problem storing the cached information in the Favorites folder. I was expecting them to create windows folders and dynamically populating each RSS folder with feed information but my assumption was wrong. Sadly the Favorites not keeping odd characters found in the web site bug titles remains.

IE 7 Lacking in Style

There are many style sheet (CSS) problems with Internet Explorer. I was rather disappointed to see they really did not fix any of them. In particular, they do not respect the transparent color property. This drives me nuts. Microsoft claims that adding the support for transparency would break existing designs specific for Internet Explorer. I think the opposite, many of us web developers have to avoid doing some really cool things with the style sheets simply because IE doesn’t recognize the styles. What a pain!


ISPConfig – Another Free Hosting Control Panel

I found another web hosting control panel for Linux: ISPConfig.

ISPConfig has many features also found in RavenCore. It appears ISPConfig has a lot of the similar features found in RavenCore. One big difference is the web stats. I have been using AWStats long enough to know the other web stats just don’t give you all the information.

I am very excited to see these open source control panels.



If you do a lot of web development then you most likely have dealt with Plesk, CPanel or some other type of web hosting control panel. Although these tools are convenient, they add cost to the web hosting services.

For a long time you could simply install webmin. This is a great tool, but it still does not allow you to re-sell web hosting and/or easily create web sites with E-mail services ready to go in seconds.

Now there is a solution. RavenCore

RavenCore is a PHP implemented web hosting control panel that works great with most flavors of Linux.

Now, who will be the first developer to create a special build of Gentoo with RavenCore!



If you have not herd, the price of stamps is going up next week (Jan 8th) to 39 cents (currently 37 cents). I remember in the 80’s when stamps were 19 cents. Stamps have doubled in price in my life time. That’s just nuts!

Many of us complain about the 39 cents but we don’t think about the other expenses that go into sending mail via the US Post Office. First, you need to make an investment in a plastic or metal box that you put on a wood or metal post near the end of your drive way. Factor in all the paper you use in the form of envelopes, paper for letters and the most expensive “paper checks”, and your letters may get up to 50+ cents each to send! You could easily save 2 cents by shopping around for future mailboxes, buy cheaper paper, and don’t mail checks.

Now what confuses me is how the mailbox you pay for becomes federal property. If someone steals your mailbox, its a federal crime! Now if someone hits and kills someone with a mailbox, is that a felony? It is, of course, government property.

I guess that is why we don’t hear about murders committed with mailboxes! I think I am just going to pay the extra 2 cents with confidence the mailbox is not going to do me in.


PodcasterNews Goes online

If you know me, then you have heard me talk and rave about the recent project I have been working on. Here it is,


wxWidgets book is here!

I received the new wxWidgets book yesterday. I am very excited to finally have a text on a subject I am very enthusiastic about. I have high hopes that wxWidgets will become the standard for application development. Its main advantage is portability. It is very exciting when I was able to successfully compile one of my projects I wrote on Windows on a Linux machine. Thinking of that, I need to buy a Mac with OSX next!


2006 Civic Si

Well, if you know me then you know my excitement. This car is awesome!!! There are only two things about the car that bother me, and that is the styling of the front and rear bumpers. I like the more agressive hard lines the RSX has. Besides this, the rest of the car rocks.

Here are some things that have me going nuts about the car:

  • In dash CD/mp3 player with aux jack
  • Red illuminated dashboard (blue on other civic models)
  • 6 speed manual transmission
  • Two tiered dashboard with the digital speedometer in large font
  • 2 cigarette power adapters
  • Auto up feature with the drivers side window
  • Steering wheel has volume controls and looks very cool
  • Automatic climate control (If it works well I will love having it)
  • Doesn’t look too sporty so my mom will not freak out if I bought it
  • Trunk doesn’t leak

I still have my fingers crossed they make a green Civic Si. As of current, I like the blue.

2006/2007 Civic Si Update

In 2007 I finally purchased a blue 2007 Civic Si Sedan. I absolutely love this car.


Mighty Mouse? no, just apple’s rat!

What amazes me is this is a pretty cool mouse. But it is not Mighty. I think it sends a mixed signal. I was given the impression for many years that Apple computers use 1 button mice so they do not confuse computer users. So now I am confused, will Apple’s users all of a sudden jump from simplistic to complicated? The better question is, why do I want one for my PC? 😮

I am still waiting for Apple to develop a keyboard I can wear on my head that can telepathically type what I am thinking. They could call that the All Mighty Keyboard!