Food News

Working at home and making lunch

So I am now working at home and it has its advantages and disadvantages. The biggest advantage so far is the food. Check out some of the things I’ve made for lunch.

Club Sandwich, two layers of ham and turkey with lettuce, tomato and mayo.

Club Sandwich

Hot Pepper Cheese Burger, yea it’s hot!

Hot Pepper Cheese Burger

Cheese Coneys, It’s Skyline time, not quite as good as actual Skyline though!

Cheese Coneys

Yea, Ty wants some.


Chip clip? How about Binder clips for 1/10th the cost!

I always loose my chip clips! I was at the store yesterday to buy some more and they wanted $2 for each one!

The other night I got the idea to use a binder clip. They work great! Not only that, you can buy a ton of them for the price of one chip clip!


Mexican Food Incorporated

My Fiancee and I tried Don Pablo’s for the second time this year. After two attempts I have come to the conclusion that Mexican Restaurants should not be made into large cookie cutter corporations. The best way to describe the food at Don Pablo’s: editable with only the look of Mexican. Their hamburger expanded menu may be the biggest sign of their failing Mexican menu.

I am not an authority on Restaurants, particularly Mexican, but I have had the pleasure to frequent a few authentic Mexican restaurants and I have concluded that the best Mexican food you will find will be at the most back of the woods home ran Mexican restaurant.

My Plugs

  • If you are in Columbus, I highly recommend Casa Fiesta. The one I frequent is in Grove City.
  • If you are in Akron/Canton area, I highly recommend El Campasinos. I frequented the location in Stow.
  • If you are in Milford, I recommend Acapulco.
  • Chipotle. In between Taco bell and authentic Mexican, this is a good cost alternative and they make it fast!

So long Don Pablo’s. I hope you find your niche, but it isn’t Mexican food that is for sure!