You want some Java, well we have many flavors…

Many years ago I downloaded Java, a program used mainly for web browsers. Well A few weeks ago I again had a need to download Java and almost immediately my leg started to shake. See, every time I go to the web site, I find my computer expertise does not help me in any way to find what I need.

I am aware that most people who use Java most likely also program in it. Those of who that do not, or have not for many years like myself, find the web site to be the most unfriendly to visitors. What really troubles me is they have the technology to know who is visiting their web site. This information could easily narrow the number of different options based on the operating system the client is coming from.

The second thing needs to do is remove needless clicks on their web site. I clicked 2 dozen things to find what I was looking for. They seriously need to address their navigation problems and fast.

They need a browser called ‘sun screen‘, that will filter the junk you have to go through when you visit!!!

UPDATE: Sun is now owned by Oracle and their website is much better, thank goodness!


Mexican Food Incorporated

My Fiancee and I tried Don Pablo’s for the second time this year. After two attempts I have come to the conclusion that Mexican Restaurants should not be made into large cookie cutter corporations. The best way to describe the food at Don Pablo’s: editable with only the look of Mexican. Their hamburger expanded menu may be the biggest sign of their failing Mexican menu.

I am not an authority on Restaurants, particularly Mexican, but I have had the pleasure to frequent a few authentic Mexican restaurants and I have concluded that the best Mexican food you will find will be at the most back of the woods home ran Mexican restaurant.

My Plugs

  • If you are in Columbus, I highly recommend Casa Fiesta. The one I frequent is in Grove City.
  • If you are in Akron/Canton area, I highly recommend El Campasinos. I frequented the location in Stow.
  • If you are in Milford, I recommend Acapulco.
  • Chipotle. In between Taco bell and authentic Mexican, this is a good cost alternative and they make it fast!

So long Don Pablo’s. I hope you find your niche, but it isn’t Mexican food that is for sure!


wxWidgets book is here!

I received the new wxWidgets book yesterday. I am very excited to finally have a text on a subject I am very enthusiastic about. I have high hopes that wxWidgets will become the standard for application development. Its main advantage is portability. It is very exciting when I was able to successfully compile one of my projects I wrote on Windows on a Linux machine. Thinking of that, I need to buy a Mac with OSX next!


2006 Civic Si

Well, if you know me then you know my excitement. This car is awesome!!! There are only two things about the car that bother me, and that is the styling of the front and rear bumpers. I like the more agressive hard lines the RSX has. Besides this, the rest of the car rocks.

Here are some things that have me going nuts about the car:

  • In dash CD/mp3 player with aux jack
  • Red illuminated dashboard (blue on other civic models)
  • 6 speed manual transmission
  • Two tiered dashboard with the digital speedometer in large font
  • 2 cigarette power adapters
  • Auto up feature with the drivers side window
  • Steering wheel has volume controls and looks very cool
  • Automatic climate control (If it works well I will love having it)
  • Doesn’t look too sporty so my mom will not freak out if I bought it
  • Trunk doesn’t leak

I still have my fingers crossed they make a green Civic Si. As of current, I like the blue.

2006/2007 Civic Si Update

In 2007 I finally purchased a blue 2007 Civic Si Sedan. I absolutely love this car.


Mighty Mouse? no, just apple’s rat!

What amazes me is this is a pretty cool mouse. But it is not Mighty. I think it sends a mixed signal. I was given the impression for many years that Apple computers use 1 button mice so they do not confuse computer users. So now I am confused, will Apple’s users all of a sudden jump from simplistic to complicated? The better question is, why do I want one for my PC? 😮

I am still waiting for Apple to develop a keyboard I can wear on my head that can telepathically type what I am thinking. They could call that the All Mighty Keyboard!


Google Talk

I just installed the new Google Talk communication program. I am very excited to see how simplistic it is and the way it manages open windows is very revolutionary. You’re not going to find any faces when you type in 🙂 but that is what is neat, it kind of gives me a feel of the old school back when chatting on IRC you just had to know how the faces (today referred to as emoji) were typed.


I have updated my Ohio Route 1 web page.

The state of Ohio has many state marked roads. Today Ohio does not have a Route 1. One day I was surfing the net and came across a web page on the Ohio Department of Transportation that has every state issued map available for download. I downloaded every year and found myself studying the original routes and how they have changed over the years.

Roads in Ohio change and the route numbers can be reissued!

One interesting fact, Ohio reuses route numbers. For example, back when the original route numbers were issued, State route 58 was a short East/West route that followed Fenn Road in Medina County. At some point it was decommissioned. The route number was later reused for as a North/South route near Amherst, OH.

What about Ohio re-issuing route 1?

Ohio has had 2 route 1’s, but route 1 has not returned since the 196-‘s. Find out what I learned studying these maps on my Ohio Route 1 web page.


Web Site Almost Complete

I have made great progress on the web site. I hope to have the Links page working by the end of the weekend. When it is done, the links page will be a great place for others to see web sites that I recommend for finding specific information and software. 🙂


New Styles On-line

Web design is never ending it seems. I am slowly transforming the tech-bytes theme into my own special theme. The past few days I have changed the background to the zero’z and ones’s of my past site and now using arial as my main font. Hope you enjoy.

Next phase is to have my personal site match the blog. 🙂


Off to a good start

I finally setup my own personal blog. WordPress is super easy to install and I like the fact that it is written in PHP. 🙂 Now, I just need to figure out what I am going to put here.