Monitor Verizon Wireless minutes usage in Firefox

If you are a Verizon Wireless customer and use Firefox, check out the Verizon Minutes Used Firefox Extension. Link: I was looking for a Google start page widget to monitor my Verizon Wireless minutes usage but stumbled upon this Firefox add-on. This Firefox addon works great! I have it configured to 0nly display the […]

Verizon billing department on crack!

I just listened to the post on the Geek News Central about how Verizon quoted a Internet Access rate of .002 cents a kilobyte and charged .002 dollars per kilobyte. The customer in question used 71,000 kilobytes of bandwidth. This sounds like a lot but once you translate it to megabyte, we are talking about […]

Skype Volume out of control!

Skype kept auto adjusting my volume but with help with this forum entry, I modified the xml files and now I am good to go.

You want some Java, well we have many flavors…

Many years ago I downloaded Java, a program used mainly for web browsers. Well A few weeks ago I again had a need to download Java and almost immediately my leg started to shake. See, every time I go to the web site, I find my computer expertise does not help me in any […]

Google Talk

I just installed the new Google Talk communication program. I am very excited to see how simplistic it is and the way it manages open windows is very revolutionary. You’re not going to find any faces when you type in 🙂 but that is what is neat, it kind of gives me a feel of […]

mp3 player search

I am looking at picking up an mp3 player. I am leaning towards a Rio Carbon since it plays all formats and can be charged through a USB port. The Rio Karma is tempting since it has a lot more space for only a few more bucks and it has an ethernet port. The big […]