RawVoice Podcast Statistics Released

Over the past couple of months I’ve been working on a podcast statistics system for the RawVoice communities, and The system can also be completely re-branded for companies who want to use the media download statistics for their podcasts. Podcast Statistics are a very important part of the Podcasting business. The download […]

Similar Posts – if you like this you may like that for WordPress

I’ve been wanting a plugin for WordPress for a while now that would list other related posts to visitors. The best way to draw someone to read a previous article is to remind them of your previous posts in new posts. This extra step is a real hassle and frankly when someone is reading your […]

The house is wired!

I’m done, I finished wiring the house 2 nights ago and it feels great. Actually I am not finished, I still have 4 more open ports in the patch panel and the whole first floor. :-p Here’s a picture of my patch panel: A picture of my desk somewhat clean. This is a rare sighting!

Wiring Up the house

I’ve been slowly wiring the house with Ethernet Cat5e and Coax RG-6 cabling. The evening of the 4th I finally ran cabling up to the attic and dropped the wires into the bedrooms. All the rooms now have coax cable ports. I’ve punched down 4 Ethernet in two of the important bedrooms. Sometime this weekend […]

JCPToday – JC Penney pop up advertisements

Post revised on June 2, 2007: I was contacted on June 1st by Mark Stimson and Rob Noble of Skinkers about their concerns that I interpreted their application as Spyware. They promised me that the application does not monitor keystrokes and it is not malicious. It was all coincidence that at the moment I searched […]

JC Penney Today – Spyware


PHP Certification and getid3

I have been using the getid3 PHP library lately and I must say it is the most complete, if not over complete, library of a particular use I have ever seen to date. I am getting close to ordering the PHP Certification exam. Last time I looked there were 843 developers PHP certified. I […]

Dreamweaver 8 and comparing files: Use WinMerge

I have been putting Dreamweaver 8 through a lot this weekend. I found a neat section in the Preferences to add a 3rd party application to compare two files. The product Macromedia recommends costs money and I already prefer a different file comparison application called WinMerge. Well I set the preferences to use the WinMerge.exe […]

Dreamweaver 8 is awesome!

Web development is changing dramatically. The biggest change is with using style sheets. For the past few years, I have used style sheets sparingly. Many older browsers do not support all the styles and if the user turns off the ability to render styles the web site ends up looking like a boring list of […]