E-mail Injection

E-mail injection is caused when form fields entered by hackers who add unexpected lines of text to the from and/or subject lines of your form. For instance, many web sites add a contact us page to their web site to allow a web visitor an opportunity to send comments and suggestions. Usually these forms ask […]

CW1 – March 16, 2006

Welcome to the first podcast of Compiled Weekly. Today’s podcast I introduce myself, promote the podcast network, review the open source Ravencore web control panel, recommend the SciTE text editor, and cover Cross Site Scripting XSS and how to prevent it. :: Podcaster News Network RavenCore Web Control Panel :: RavenCore Web Control […]

Creating PDF reports with PHP

If you have found yourself developing a web site that requires printable reports, then you will love this blog entry. A year ago I created a PDF reporting system that used the HTMLtoPDF library from ( This is a great HTMLtoPDF converter. It utilizes Ghostscript and a few other nifty Perl scripts to generate […]