We Got Tomatos!

We have tomatos! Heather and I planted 4 “Sweet 100″‘s, 2 Beefsteak and 4 “Early Ripe” tomatos this spring and over the past week or so we’ve been getting a lot of ripe tomatos. What’s amazing is, what’s pictured is just a small batch of what’s coming. I don’t know what the 100 means in […]

Garden 2009 phase 1 completed

Phase one of our first garden is complete. I made a 12 ft x 4 ft garden bed out of scrap cedar pickets, yard spikes, and plastic fencing. The first of 2 rows has a small variety of tomatoes. Phase 2 I have sereno peppers I’m nursing in the house. I actually have about 30+ […]

Home Improvements for March 2009

We’ve been making some home improvements this month. In the past couple weeks we replaced most of our door knobs, installed new door hinges and added two new night stands to our master bedroom. The door knobs in the house are complete junk. When we first moved in, we had 2 doors that had a […]

Christmas 2008 Lights are up

The house Christmas lights are up! The 2 small trees in the front are new. Heather wants to add lights to the porch or maybe the bushes. We’ll see, looks like today will be the warmest day in Columbus for a while.

Sealed Up the Fireplace for the winter

I sealed up the fireplace for the winter. There was a good draft coming in. I used a sheet of plywood 36″ x 44″ with 3 – 36″ x 18″ 3/4″ thich foam insulation boards sandwiched behind to insulate the opening. I used 4 close line 4″ long hooks to anchor the plywood to the […]

New House Roof is Finished

The new house roof is finished and it looks good.

Ohio Wind Storm September 2008

If you haven’t herd, our house was one of the many casualties of the Wind Storm that blew through Ohio this past Sunday. No one was hurt, but the roof on the house got a pretty good beating. Our power was out from about 5pm that Sunday and was restored at about 9pm Monday evening. […]

Columbus Ohio Internet Usage Unknowningly Monitored for Profit

I just found out my Internet Service Provider (ISP) called WOW Internet and Cable has been monitoring our web traffic since March of 2008 for profit. The monitoring takes place by installing hardware made by NebuAds within the ISP’s network, WOW Internet in my case. Web traffic from WOW Internet customers (like me) is routed […]

Cedar Picket Fence Completed!

The fence is finished! What an experience. Today I put together the gates and replaced a couple damaged pickets. The fence was pretty much done last weekend aside from the gates. This was a true learning experience. For those thinking about putting up your own fence, I recommend putting the project into prospective. How ever […]

Fence for Dog – Phase 1 Complete

Last week Heather and I received our Federal tax incentive check and decided to go ahead with getting a fence for the backyard. We wanted a dog eared 4′ wood fence to match our neighbors which we plan to connect our fence to. So here’s the story. We got a quote from Lowes a little […]