This May be a Stupid Question But…

I hear this all the time on forums and in email when helping folks: This may be a stupid question but... When I was young my mother would promptly correct me “There are no stupid questions”. If you haven’t guessed, my mom was a teacher. By college I was trained never to add that to my questions. With the constant use of “this is a stupid question but…” still happening in America, it made me think about it.

Is there a stupid question?

Applying logic, as I always do, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s impossible to have a stupid question. Think about it, you’ll find that answered questions cannot be stupid since they have answers and unanswered questions cannot be determined to be stupid.

The only one who can determine if a question is stupid is the person asking the question. Obviously anyone willing to ask questions will not value their thirst for knowledge as stupid.

There are stupid answers!

Sometimes answers are answered in a way that makes us feel stupid. If someone has the tenacity to answer a question and also claim that the question is stupid, think twice about the answer given as well as the person giving it.

Perhaps the smartest questions are those that are unanswered or cannot be answered.

What is stupid is not seeking the answer to a question.

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