Dell Studio 17 with i7 Intel Processor Shipping/Delivery Delays

On October 20 I ordered both my colleague and my wife (for her birthday which has already passed) Dell Studio 17 laptops with the new Intel i7 mobile processors.  The laptop is equipped and priced comparably to other 17″ laptops made by Toshiba, Sony and HP. Both my colleague and my wife are accustomed to Dell laptops so the decision was made to order the Studio 17’s from Dell rather than change to other brands.

Note: The only difference between my colleagues Studio 17 and my wife’s Studio 17 is the processor. My colleague opted for the faster Intel Core i7-820QM Quad Core while I got my wife the Intel Core i7-720QM Quad Core Processor. As you read on you’ll find out why this is an important detail.

The Order Process

I ordered the laptops in the late evening of October 20th. When I was in the check out process, the expected “ship” date for the laptops was November 10th. My first frustration came after ordering both laptops and finding that this date was moved back to the 11th on both during the checkout process. Okay, one day, I can deal with that.

The second part of the order that got me frustrated was how the pricing of shipping is calculated. I first ordered my colleagues computer, shipping overnight was going to cost $40, where 2 day was $24 and 3+ day was going to be $16. At the time I ordered the laptop, I figured the laptop would just arrive in time (Thursday, November 12) for the conference we were attending that weekend. With the changed shipping date after checking out, this meant I should have selected the overnight option for $40 rather than the 2 day that I did.

Then when I purchased my wife’s Studio 17, shipping totals were way different, $24 for 1 day, $16 for 2 day and $8 for 3+ day delivery. I then decided to do 1 day since the price difference wasn’t that big. That’s when I started wondering how the shipping total was being calculated. My colleagues order had a mouse added to the order that cost $14. Adding that item nearly doubled the shipping. Had I known that, I would have not ordered the mouse from Dell and just went to Microcenter and got a comparable mouse. It wasn’t till after I placed the second order, then re-assembled the 1st order in their shopping cart that I confirmed that Dell increases the shipping based on each item added. If you don’t watch the shipping line item in your shopping cart, you would never know the factor one other item puts on the total shipping.

Changing Shipping Method of my Order: Not Allowed

What’s more frustrating was calling Dell and trying to change the shipping method on the first order. I will not even talk about how rude the call center folks are but you can definitely tell Dell is still using call centers outside of the United States. I won’t even get into my opinion of that, but lets just say if you want to do business somewhere, put your support staff in the same place please!!!! At the time I was willing to pay more and even expected to have to pay some sort of order modification fee. Instead I got a cold reality that calling for support really meant calling to hear someone tell you no.

Expected Ship Date Came and Went

As November 12th (the date Dell switched the ship date for the order to upon checkout) came and went, no status changed on the web site for both orders. The next morning, I got separate emails from Dell that both orders have been delayed exactly one week. After passing on the bad news to both my colleague and wife, I decided to just wait till next week.

According to the email from Dell, both computers will now be shipped on or before November 18th.

Conclusion for Studio 17 with the i7-820QM Quad Core Processor

On November 16, my colleagues computer was finally shipped and he received it on November 18th. Sadly, no apology letter or any token of appreciation for waiting was included in the shipment.

Current Status of  Studio 17 with the i7-720QM Quad Core Processor

This computer has been delayed another 12 days and is now scheduled to be shipped on or before November 30th.

Customer Satisfaction

The emails I’ve received for the shipping delays included a new phone number I can call to talk to customer service for customer satisfaction. This is where the last straw has been pulled by Dell. If you tell me to call a number and wait on hold while being transferred 3 times to find out the person I end up talking to cannot do anything for me, then why waste my time? Where’s my satisfaction coming from with this pointless call? The way the email is worded, I fully expected to call this new number and have someone say sorry with an explanation and give me something, if not something of value, like a token gift by mail such as a mouse pad that says Dell on it or even just a formal snail mail apology letter. If Dell was really on their game they would give me a substantial discount on my orders for the inconvenience. If they have any intention of maintaining a reputation, they should discount the orders to the wholesale value of the parts. Yes, Dell would loose their profit and cost of labor on my order, but I think that would be fair for missing customer expectations and is a common customer service solution in other businesses.

Why the Delay? Dell Will Not Tell You But I Can

If you search forums, in particular Dell’s forum as well as other PC forums you will find a number of threads of folks complaining about their delayed orders. I’ve found threads for the Studio 17 as well as for the Studio 15 and Studio XPS 16. What they all have in common is the i7 processor. I wasn’t going to blog this as the reason because technically, it’s still not enough evidence. Well thanks to my colleague wanting the slightly faster i7 processor, I’ve now confirmed that the processor is the reason for the delays. Ship Estimates for New Studio 17 Orders with i7 Processor Questionable

What’s the most disturbing is the estimated ship date Dell posts next to their products when you’re customizing your computer. I’ve gone back to and observed ship dates that don’t line up with my experience. If my estimate is right, if you order a Dell Studio 17 today with the faster i7 820QM, you may just receive it by Christmas. If you’re ordering the processor with the i7 720QM and you expect to get your laptop on 12/8/2009 as Dell estimates, good luck. I’ll tell you right now you will not get your computer by Christmas unless something seriously changes with Dell. Remember, It is now estimated for orders placed on October 20th that they will be shipped on November 30, so how can an order being placed now with the i7 720QM processor be delivered by Christmas, let alone the date they promise? Dell needs to catch up all their October orders, then all their current November orders before yours is shipped. If you want some advice, take a look at a Toshiba, Sony or HP 17.4″ laptop.

What is Intel Doing About the Shortage of i7 Processors to Dell?

I have no clue if there Intel has a shortage on their processors, but what is obvious is Dell has a shortage of Intel i7 processors. For me, the buck stops at Dell, I blame them completely for offering a computer that they cannot deliver timely. But I am curious, is the issue between Dell not ordering enough for their demand or is Intel having issues producing enough of the processors?

Dell Phone Support Suggestion

Eliminate phone support all together or move it back to North America and empower the support staff. I was upset when I learned that the phone support was outsourced to India many years ago. I’m even more upset when I call and the script they are given to read always ends with “I cannot help you sir”. Why even have a phone support line if they can’t provide support? I say eliminate it completely and pass on the savings to us customers. I honestly believe that after this Holiday season you’re going to need to provide substantial discounts on your products in order to keep what customers you have after this delayed ordered fiasco you’re having.

I wouldn’t have a problem paying $50 more for a computer if I knew I could talk to someone on the other end who lives in the same part of the world I do, who appreciates the same television shows, experiences the same holiday shopping season and just knows the difference between talking to someone from Texas to talking to someone from Ohio (for example Coke/Pepsi is called “pop” in most of the Midwest). There’s a part of the customer service that is personable that is completely lost by Dell. When I call up my cable company for example, sometimes I talk to someone from Toronto, sometimes someone from right here in Columbus. Either way, part of the conversion is defused by talking about hockey or college football.

The other part of the customer service equation is to empower your staff to be able to help the customers. Give them the ability to send apology letters, send small apology tokens like a mouse pad or some other dell corporate swag, or even give them the ability to give customers a discount for their dis-satisfaction. Let them change the orders to some degree. I understand that once an order is placed we shouldn’t be able to change the processor or major components, but it should be easy to change other things within a 3 day window before assembly. Go ahead and charge an order change fee along with that, folks will understand and it gives you a new revenue stream. Lastly, don’t BS folks like me that the shipping method cannot be changed, I’m smart enough to know you don’t print out the shipping labels till the package is ready to be shipped.

Some interesting links on related Delayed Dell Shipments

Are you still waiting on a Dell laptop with an i7 processor? Please leave a comment, tell me about your experience!

UPDATE: November 23, 2009

My colleague’s Studio 17 currently does not work. When he finally got to turning it on Thursday evening, it was beeping an error code. The Studio 17 came DOA (Dead On Arrival). At present he is waiting for Dell to come and replace both the processor and the system board. I will be posting a separate blog post soon with an update on his Studio 17.

I’ve subsequently canceled the Studio 17 on order for my wife and promptly ordered the HP Pavilion dv7-3080us from It is comparable 17.3″ notebook computer with the i7 processor. It is nearly identical feature to feature except the HP comes with a twice as large hard drive (500GB), additional 2GB of memory, media remote control, and a blu-ray player/reader.  As far as cost, this machine is about $200 more than the Studio 17 I had on order. The only feature it does not come with is the back-lit keyboard. Her computer will be arriving anytime today.

14 comments on "Dell Studio 17 with i7 Intel Processor Shipping/Delivery Delays"

  1. matt says:

    First – I own several Dells including a xpm1530 and 453MT and they are great. The Studio 17 is 64x and dual harddrives for running vm’s. I placed my Studio 17 (with i7 proc) on 10/25 with estimated delivery of 11/16. Afternoon of the 16th I got the ‘Shipment Delayed” email for 11/23. Called on 11/21 and it was pushed to 12/2. I was told by Dell cust rep that the order was delayed due to a shortage of screen bezels. I started a chat with presales and no mention of the delay. Here’s the transcript. forget about a discount…. CEO Dell stated in recent article that they are margin driven and not market share driven…..hence no discounts to retain customers.

    I CANCELLED THE ORDER…………..and will stick with my m1530 until I find a vendor that doesn’t mislead its customers.
    11:04:02 AM System You are now being connected to an agent. Thank you for using Dell Chat
    11:04:02 AM System Connected with RR_XPS_Rimple
    11:04:02 AM RR_XPS_Rimple Welcome to Dell Sales Chat! I hope you are doing well, and thank you for waiting. My name is Rimple and I will be your personal consultant. I can be reached at if we happen to be disconnected. How may I assist you today?
    11:04:07 AM RR_XPS_Rimple RR_XPS_Rimple pushes page,

    11:04:20 AM matt looking at the studio 17 laptop
    11:04:59 AM matt and concerned with the shipping.
    11:05:13 AM matt if i order today would it arrive before 12/10?
    11:05:21 AM matt going on a trip.
    11:05:26 AM matt on the 11th
    11:05:37 AM RR_XPS_Rimple Hey there Matt!
    11:05:40 AM matt hi
    11:06:02 AM RR_XPS_Rimple When configuring a system’s components, on the right side you will see a subtotal and under that a preliminary ship date.
    11:06:42 AM matt right i see if that it says the 9th. is that accurate?
    11:07:52 AM RR_XPS_Rimple Well its a estimated date based on the flow of orders coming in – so tomorrow it may show a different date for example.
    11:08:22 AM matt so i could order the laptop but would have the check the site each day to see when it would ship?
    11:08:32 AM RR_XPS_Rimple Now that is also the date for when it leaves dell facilities – from that the shipping lead time would have to be changed to next business day or what not to help ensure it gets delivered asap.
    11:09:12 AM RR_XPS_Rimple Well that system more then likely will ship around that date, ive seen it pretty accurate on past orders and in some cases even leave sooner.
    11:09:36 AM matt hmm Estimated Delivery Date sounds like the date i get the laptop not the day you ship the laptop
    11:11:07 AM matt That’s good news. more concerned with it getting delay.
    11:11:13 AM RR_XPS_Rimple Well when configuring and seeing the date I mentioned it is put as ‘preliminary ship date’ is what is shown on the right side before an order is placed.
    11:11:38 AM RR_XPS_Rimple Well once its placed, you can keep an eye on it and if it does get delayed we send out emails letting you know if it is delayed and if you want to keep the order or not.
    11:12:07 AM matt okay. yeah any issues with delays?
    11:13:23 AM RR_XPS_Rimple Not that I have seen from any of my past customers.
    11:13:44 AM RR_XPS_Rimple Anything else I can assist you with today from my end in Pre-sales support?
    11:13:49 AM matt can you look at my order and tell me why it’s delayed xxxxxxxxxxxx
    11:14:46 AM RR_XPS_Rimple From my end I am in pre-sales support for product info, suggestions, etc. For current and past order assistance you would have to contact care at 1.800.624.9897
    11:15:21 AM matt so presales isn’t aware that studio 17 deliveries are on a 27 day build and not 13 like on the website?
    11:16:22 AM matt how can you make the statement “Well that system more then likely will ship around that date, ive seen it pretty accurate on past orders and in some cases even leave sooner.” if you don’t have access to order info?
    11:17:48 AM RR_XPS_Rimple System builds can vary configuration to configuration for any model, they vary from 10-14 business days in most cases. If a specific configuration is more popular then others then that ‘preliminary ship date’ would show a further ship date then 14 business days – that estimated timeframe changes often depending on current orders and the flow that they are coming in at and of course supplies to manufacturing. To find out what exactly is holding up your specific order from parts, hardware, etc – customer care go in depth and find out exactly what is keeping your order delayed.
    11:19:29 AM matt i ordered my studio 17 on 10/25 and delayed until 12/2. told dell was out of screen bezels.
    11:19:51 AM matt but website says 13 day build.
    11:19:54 AM RR_XPS_Rimple On my end I do place orders for customers for systems and see their order status, and from the orders I have placed in the past few weeks for customers I have not got any emails back about their orders being delayed, Now for your specific order to find out why – the best way is to contact customer care.
    11:20:31 AM matt utter garbage. what’s the email address to your manager b/c you’re not telling people the right information (not your fault)
    11:20:59 AM RR_XPS_Rimple Oh okay so for your order it seems to be a bezel issue, I would recommend contacting care to see what options you have to see if when it can be shipped.

  2. Angelo says:

    If the screen was the reason for the delay, then my wife’s order should have been shipped within 1 days time of my colleagues order. I cannot believe they would have shipped his 5+ days sooner than my wife’s. The time difference when both orders were placed was roughly 20 minutes.

  3. Mark says:

    The problem might be with the i7 processor because I’m still waiting on a Vostro 430 desktop with the i7-860 cpu. I placed my order on 10/30 and it’s been delay 3x as of today. I’ve called the customer service number a few times now–they say they’ll call back with an update but never do. The last person I spoke with told me it was shipping the next day, was going to ship in another week, and the system just arrived from offshore (really!). One person, 3 answers…”hold on, I’m looking something up”. The latest due date is 12/16.

  4. Michael says:

    I am now experiencing the same with my Studio 15 order. Date has been pushed from Dec 14 to Dec 28th. Waited 45 minutes to talk to customer service who told me the same thing as the email. Tough luck wait until Dec 28th.

  5. Dave, Ottawa says:

    Hey there. Similar issues. I ordered a Studio 17 with Core 2 Duo P8700 on Oct 22, with an estimated delivery date of Nov 18, I think. It was cancelled without notice on Nov 8. On Nov 9, I rebooked the order. New estimated delivery date of Dec 4. Dec 4 came and went. Called Dell on the 9th. New estimated delivery date, so they say, is Dec 22. However, it has not been updated on-line yet. Still says “N/A”.

    I checked out out prices of HPs. Called Dell back to cancel. They SAY that it has been built and is being tested, and should ship in 3 to 5 days and that they can’t cancel at this point. Asked if I could change the ship to address from my business to my house. They say they can’t change shipping addresses, to prevent fraud. I asked how changing the shipping address to my billing address could be fraudulent. Didn’t have an answer for that. Asked to speak to a manger. She said they they couldn’t make the change either. I asked if there was anyone at Dell capable of changing a shipping address. No, there is not.

    So… it’s not JUST the i-7s… and Dell customer service in general, sucks.

  6. David Brena says:

    So, I ordered an XPS Studio 16 on December 28th. Shipping date is January 22nd.

    I called back to try to order Blu-ray which is not offered. Four transfers and no explanation as to why it is no longer offered or when it may be available.

    Also “free shipping”, is not free to some locations. You need to drill down three screens to find out that it is not available to Alaska. Then since it is not available they change it from the typical 3 day to next business day at a huge bump. Next 45 more minutes trying to resolve the issue. Result, they will credit me with $150 shipping after the item has shipped.

    I am not hopeful about my shipping date.

  7. Sean says:

    Here’s my studio 17 with i7 story, and it sucks.

    I ordered a studio 17 on 12/30 only to find out 5 days later that it had been canceled. I had also ordered one for my brother on the 30th and it wasn’t canceled. So, I called dell and they said that the bank must have canceled the order. The bank said it had been charged for both laptops so finally dell admits it canceled the order because the shipping address was in a different state than the billing.

    So, I order another laptop and they tell me it will be “expedited.” Well, no, it wasn’t I called today 1/10 to see if it had been expedited and apparently they can’t do that. I was told by that it would be on the 5th, and I didn’t know I couldn’t change the shipping method after it had been delivered so I assumed that would be a part of the expediting process so I wouldn’t be billed for it. Nope, still 5-7 day delivery, at the very least for all the trouble they should have given me 1 day delivery on the spot.

  8. Bill says:

    Another Studio 17 with I7 story: I ordered on 11/26/2009. Estimated delivery date of 12/22/2009. Sounded perfect for having semester break to ready the new laptop for the spring semester. Then, adjusted delivery to 12/31, then 1/8/2010, then 1/15, then 1/22, then 1/29, and now 2/5. With the latest delay I get an e-mail from Dell telling me that the Federal Mail Order Rule requires me to okay the latest delay. From what I read of the Mail Order Rule, I should have been getting those e-mails for every delay.

    During all this, I called ‘customer service’ twice. The first time I was told that the order would definitely ship on 1/15. It didn’t. The second time I was told that no parts on my laptop were causing delays so it would definitely ship on 1/29. It isn’t going to. Though I’d really like the Studio 17, I think I’m going to cancel the order and find a more reliable manufacturer.

  9. Jim says:

    Dell Preciaion M6500 Covet with i7-920xm — I placed an order on 12/17/2009. The estimated delivery date was 1/7/2010. On 1/4/2010, Dell cancelled my order claiming it had an incompatible part. It is unacceptable to wait 18 days to test an order for compatiblity. Frankly, the website should not allow an order with incompatible parts. My order was completely cancelled, without my permission, when it should have just been amended to remove the incompatible part.

    I then had to make a new order, and this time I was assured that there would be no compatibility issues. The salesperson insisted that I put a wireless card when I didn’t want to risk it. I was assured that the order would be expedited and that I would not be put at the end of the queue as a brand new order. When I received the confirmation email, the new ship date was 1/19/2010, over two weeks out.

    On 1/19/2010, I received notification that my order was going to be delayed again. The new ship date was to be 1/25/2010. Once again, on 1/26/2010 my order was delayed. This time the ship date is supposed to be 2/1/2010. It was then delayed to 2/8, and then again to 2/15.

    The reason they are not giving is that each time they build the machine, it fails in testing.

  10. Apached says:

    I ordered a Dell Vostro 430 with Core i7 860 and they quoted 7+10 day delivery.
    It is now 28th Feb and the tracking still says Work in Progress. Estimated Delivery 9 April.
    I am seriously considering cancellation of the order.
    This forum has provided a very good insight to the probable causes of the delay.
    It would be really nice if Dell were upfront about the problem and explained the delays to customers

  11. sewa mobil says:

    Nice information, this really useful for me. There is nothing to argue about.
    Keep posting stuff like this i really like it. Thanks.

  12. Apached says:

    My earlier post may have given the wrong impression that Vostro deliveries are being delayed for over a month. This is because it looks like the estimated delivery date had been wrongly been entered in the tracking page as April 9 2010. The page now shows that manufacture was completed and the product is with the local carrier.
    So delivery will probably be tomorrow Mar 8, which is 20 days since the order on Feb 16.
    Dell will have less Irate customers if staff check entries into the tracking system.

  13. Agnola says:

    i received a call stating my computer is supposed to be delivered on monday… i then asked if i can change the address and the girl on the phone took my new details.. i then checked later with the sales rep about my order and she said it couldnt be changed and if i didnt get my calling card on monday for my delivery to call a 1800 number for the delivery company…. i called them and they took my new address details… hmm i wonder whether it will go to the correct address even though i was told by 2 people that the new address had been documented

  14. John says:

    I ordered a Dell XPS 7100 desktop with the AMD Phenom II X6 1055T 2.8GHz processor. I realize that has nothing to do with the Intel i7 you folks are talking about.
    I placed my order on 9/6/10 with est. delivery date of 9/21/10. Today, I rec’d an email from Dell, informing me that order has been delayed until 9/28/10. Being concerned, I decided to do a “Dell timely shipping” search and found this blog (THANK YOU ANGELO MANDATO!).
    Geez…I’ve been preparing my computer room at home for the past couple of weeks as though a new baby was coming home next week. Now the delay, and worse, I find out from you good folks that Dell has a serious problem with timely delivery and customer svc.
    I last bought a Dell in 2002, which has served me well. I’ll add that the customer svc back then was also top notch. Remember….”Dude, I’m gettin a Dell?” That dude’s long gone and now we have to deal with a foreign dude in a third world country.
    Thanks to y’all, I plan to stop the bleeding now and cancel my order. What a disappointment. Now I’ve got to start my research all over again and see who I can trust to build a quality product for me and ship it timely. Thanks again for the info. It’s great to have fellow consumers out there who take the time to share experiences.

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