We got a Wii Fit!

Angelo has been suggesting we get a Wii Fit for a while now, and I finally gave in and he went out and bought one on Sunday. I was recording a show on Fit TV, which I could watch for free, so I didn’t think we needed a $250 game system just to work out. But, as he pointed out, the Wii Fit has a personal trainer to give you tips and encouragement, and helps you monitor progress towards your goal. I thought you’d be able to specify target areas and it would suggest a series of exercises to perform in your workout. But I guess that’s one of the features in Wii Fit Plus. I was skeptical that the Wii Fit could really target certain areas, since it can only use the balance board (what you stand on) and the Wii controller to determine how well you’re doing the exercise. For example, it wouldn’t know how well you do sit-ups (the only exercise close to it is JackKnife), and you could cheat on a lot of the exercises. What I didn’t realize is the emphasis it puts on balance. There’s many yoga poses and balance exercises to help improve your posture and make sure you don’t put too much strain on your back or hips when you walk. Since I sit all day at work, and have a habit of crossing my legs while sitting, I need to work on my posture and balance. So I’m excited to exercise every day now, and chart my progress! I think I’m already hooked. Those total fitness workouts on TV won’t be taking up space on our DVR any more (I hadn’t been watching them anyway)!

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