First-Month Doctor Visit

Well, in the previous post Melanie was actually 4 weeks old, and yesterday she was 1 calendar month old. 🙂  Today we had another doctor visit. She is 10 pounds, 7 ounces now. And my wrists are feeling the additional weight! They have been hurting the past few days from holding her while nursing. The doctor visit went well; we need to start giving her vitamin D supplements, which is typical for breastfed babies. We also picked up a mirror to put in front of the mat when she has tummy time; this may encourage her to keep her head up as she looks at herself. Since she seems to spit up and grunt a lot right after nursing at night due to reflux, the doctor mentioned inclining her bassinet to 45 degrees. She only cried a little bit when she got a shot, but her pacifier helped to calm her. She remained asleep during the whole car ride and when we stopped at walmart.

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