We’re having a baby girl!

If you haven’t herd the news yet, Heather and I are having a baby girl! We went in for our week 20 visit today and all is well. The due date is January 13, 2009.

Heather and I have been relatively quiet about the baby for a number of months now. It was suggested that we don’t share the news right away just in case something were to happen. We’re now more than 1/2 way through the pregnancy, we think it is now safe to let the world know of our good fortune. 🙂

We are just now looking at preparing the house for the baby. Last weekend we picked out a green paint for the baby’s room and purchased matching bedding. I’m pretty sure I’ll be spending a lot of time researching baby car seats and other important baby items. So as long as I have time, I’ll blog about my research as well as other baby happenings.

Thanks to everyone on-line, on messenger and on Twitter for the congratulations! Heather and I greatly appreciate it.

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