Firefox Crashes because of QuickTime

Well, I’ve finally found others who are finding the same problem. I will be surfing the net, open a page and bam! Firefox crashes. More recently the computer was running slow when Firefox crashed and I swear I saw a pop up from quicktime asking me if I’d like to update. Since then, I’ve used a computer without iTunes and QuickTime with Firefox and have had no problems.

I want my iTunes. So to avoid this crashing in the future, I’ve taken the necessary steps below.

  1. Click Start >Â Programs > QuickTime > QuickTimePlayer
  2. Click Edit ? Preferences > Player Preferences
  3. Click the Update tab and remove the check next to “Check for updates automatically”
  4. Click the File Types tab and unselect everything except “QuickTime Movie Format” Uncheck the option at the bottom titled “Notify me if other applications modify these associations”.
  5. Pray that QuickTime doesn’t crash your Firefox again.

Hopefully this is helpful to others.

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