Fundamental issues with Windows Vista

I just recently purchased a new computer. It’s very powerful. It has a 320GB hard drive, Intel core 2 Duo 4400 running at 2Ghz and 2GB of memory. There is one problem though, Windows Explorer in Vista. I can’t explain how unstable Windows Explorer is in Vista. The operating system itself does not crash, but Windows Explorer crashes randomly. Whether it be Explorer itself or anytime an application uses the file open/save dialog, I have to cross my fingers that the application doesn’t crash. Vista removed some navigation features for going down and up a folder, and in its place are folder names that are separated with drop downs. in addition, the files are automatically sorted in the current view. The end result is a dynamically changing view of your files. It seems like a great idea, but it has some major stability issues. All I want to do is safe, open and copy files, I don’t need a complex unstable system to do this. Microsoft really went too far with Windows Explorer. They should have been spending this time making other tools that would be much more useful.

If you have the ability to buy a new computer with Windows XP, do it without hesitation. I have not come across a functionliaty in Windows Vista that would make it necessary for anyone to upgrade.

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