Home Buyers Warranty HBW 2-10 Terrible Service

This is the second time I have had to deal with a claim with Home Buyers Warranty, also known as HWB, 2-10, two dash ten, two ten and 2 10. Web site: http://www.2-10.com. The claim system is setup for local repair companies to make money with initial trade fees. Our trade fee is $50 for each claim. The claim system does not appear to encourage quick and prompt repairs.

The first time I filed a claim with them, it was for a pipe that froze in the house. They had a repair man come to the home within the next morning. He had asked me what caused the pipe to freeze. Well even though the house design is flawed which, in my opinion, allowed the pipe to freeze, the actual freezing of the pipe was caused by an act of nature which is not covered by the warranty. I recall he told me then and there the Warranty will most not approve this repair. Through the ordeal I had to pay the trade fee of $50. Great, I was out $50 and had to fix the problem myself. Even though the warranty implies it covers problems that may occur with the plumbing in your home, if there is a way out of the claim, this company will take it. As far as I am concerned, the pipe would not have froze if the house was designed right. The weather only exposed the problem. Lawyers win the day though, as their terms are written so they can claim otherwise.

The more recent claim (#2305438) is for the air conditioning unit. When I filed my claim Monday night they had a repair man out to the home (company info: Energy Group Heating and Cooling) the following Tuesday morning. I also paid them the trade fee of $50 for the visit. The repair man swapped out some parts (a capacitor and some sort of booster for the capacitor) and at first the air conditioner started to work. The repair man was knowledgeable and friendly.

The next day (Wednesday) the air conditioner failed again. I called the Home Buyers Warranty that day. The following morning the repair company called and let me know that they are waiting for Home Buyers Warranty to authorize/approve the replacement of the AC compressor.

The following morning (Today / Friday) I decided to find out the status of my claim and called HWB‘s 1-800-775-4736 number. This is where I started getting the run around. I called and spoke with a claim rep, he then said there is no record of any further approvals for repairs for my claim. He then transferred me to a department that handles claim approvals/authorizations. A woman answered with some odd accent or echo, then bam she hung up on me. The hanging up while waiting for someone within the approvals department repeated a few times till finally I started calling other departments at HWB. The last woman I spoke with worked in the service provider department. I insisted on leaving my information with her rather than calling and getting hung up on. At this point, I am still waiting for a call back from them on what the deal is. Calls were placed between 11:00AM to 2:00PM. Nearly 90 minutes according to my Verizon wireless phone.

Hopefully a supervisor will call me soon and prove me wrong and that all the crap they put me through today was some other sort of problem. I will keep everyone posted.

In the mean time, I spent $100 and got a wall AC unit for the computer room, which is less than adequate.

Post updated on August 6, 2007

Later on that Friday, at 3:47pm I was contacted by Art (Arther) in the customer service department. He told me he would contact the assigned contractor and get the repairs straightened out that afternoon. I waited all weekend for some sort of status on the repair for the AC. Today, at 9:17am, I called the contractor to find out the status of the repair. The secretary told me that the repair man was currently on the other line with the warranty company finding out what repairs they will authorize. I told the woman on the phone that I eagerly awaited an update from her on the status of the repair. I have not received a return call.

In the mean time, I’ve contacted the Ohio Attorney General to see what I should do next. Hopefully someone will tell me what will happen with my claim (#2305438). A timely answer at this point would be greatly appreciated.

Post updated on August 8, 2007

I’ve talked to our buyers agent and he has been extremely helpful with this matter. If you are shopping for a home, I highly recommend you find the best buyers agent in the area, they truly work for you and you only.

Yesterday I talked to the owner of the local contractor. He was sympathetic to the situation and said he would personally contact the warranty company to get the parts approved. He promised to call me back the following day.

Today at about 2pm I decided to called the contractor rather than wait for his call. I spoke with the secretary. She instructed me that either I could wait for the warranty company to call me to authorize the repair or I could call them. I asked the secretary to put together any documentation of what they have sent to the warranty company in case I get the run around.  I then called the warranty company. It took a while but I eventually go tto the right department and was able to authorize the repair. I agreed to pay $280 for the disposal of the compressor and the freon.  I wanted to get a timeline for the repair and the person I spoke with to authorize the repair was unable to give me an estimate. She transferred me to a customer care department. I remained on hold for 20+ minutes. I then spoke with someone who was striaght up with me and told me the contractor shoud receive the part within 5 days. I presume this is 5 business days. I then called the local contractor and let them know they should be receiving the part within the next 5 days.

Through all of the correspondence today, I was given the advice to call the warranty company on a daily basis to check the status of the ordered part. I am taking that advice and plan on calling them at least once a day to find out if the part was shipped.

The Ohio Attorney General’s office called me today as well. They are sending me forms to fill out and file with them. If the warranty company follows through with the repair, I will not file a complaint to the Attorney Generals Office. From my stand point, they are pushing the envelope as far as they can but unless they screw up completely I have to give them the benefit of the doubt.

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  1. Sharon Dobbins says:

    I live in Millville, NJ and purchased a new home in 2007. The first time that I needed to file a claim with HBW was June, 2009. I have three issued in my home, all plumbing. Talking to the customer service representative was an experience within itselt. I had to repeat the same thing over and over again and she asked the same questions. It seemed to me these people are mentally challenged in many areas than one. Same experience when I was called my the contractor to set up an appointment, repeated information over and over again. The tech that came out seemed not to be to knowledgable in the plumbing field. I wasn’t home at the time but my son sayed her was told that the master bedroom toilet was cheap and that why it wasn’t flushing as well as the other two in the house. He suggested to get a plunger and use when I have problems. That was the reason for him being there, so I don’t have to use a plunger. My son said he went to home depot and supposely installed a part on the toilet. I get home the kitched leak under the cabinet is ok. The toliet flushed twice and back to the same way it was in the beginning. The second day the home water in the laundry room utility tub is not working again. I called the contractor immediately and was told to call HBW to reissue another claim and they would could me back to reschedule. All of the happen with one exception. After the contractor called and made an appointment with me the in turn called HBW and said that there was no mechancial malfunction with my toliet. HBW gave me a call and said the my claim was denied and they weren’t going to pay for another claim. The many calls that I made there after I was being mislead in all directions. As of today I still don’t have my toliet fixed nor the hot water in the utility tub. I f anyone have any suggestions on where I can go to get some immediate help, please drop me a note at glory4me@verizon.net.


    Veryy Frustruated in NJ

  2. Audrey says:

    I just had a contractor to come out supposedly to repair a pipe that burst. He saw I had my water hose connected to my facuet. He asked if I leave it hooked up throughout the winter. He guessimated that the pipe froze and that’s why water is leaking into my bathroom and dining room. How many people unhook their water hoses because it may cause a leak. I paid $85 for him to guess. Mind you I live in an old house (over 30 years) with old pipes. I had a rotted pipe in my kitchen that was fixed. My problem is with both the contractor and 2-10. How can he make that determination and never see the leaking pipe. I feel like I should have lied and deceived them to get some satisfaction. I think that 2-10 will try their best to come up with some mess not to have to pay for repairs. The contractors may not make a lot off of one job. But, many jobs add up to a lot more money.

  3. Charlie says:

    I was contacted by 2-10 to extend the warranty on my new condo. The price they quoted was unbelievably low. I asked for the details in writing, which they e-mailed. It consisted of four pages, the last of which was full of very fine print. Nowhere in the material was it stated there is a $50 deductible; however, it was in the cover letter.

    On the phone, Linda, the representative stated that if the air conditioner went bad it would be replaced. However the fine print stated that it is limited to $1,500. I challenged her on that, knowing that it can cost from $3,000 to $5,000 to replace a unit. She said the limit did not apply, and I asked for that in writing. A manager sent me an e-mail which stated the same limit as the printed material.

    When I told her I wanted to check 2-10 out with the better business bureau before signing, she said, “Thank you very much…..” and hung up.

  4. David says:

    I have read the blogs but haven’t seen anything about roofs. I had my house built 6 years ago and have been dealing with leaky roofs since. The builder have been giving me the run around. I have had my roof maintained every year, only receiling around pipes and corners, but we found out through a insurance adjustor that the leak is coming throught the shingles. Now, I am about to turn it over to the 2-10 warranty. Have anyone dealt with them on roofs, and how did it go.

    Signed: Tired of leaks

  5. m murray says:

    thank you for these insights as I was researching renewing this warranty but was put off by the pressure tactics of the rep. This was eye opening and i will not renwe

  6. Lynn Taylor says:

    I am having some similar problems in Snellville GA with 2-10. They are rude and uninterested in resolving the problem with my AC. My unit is just turning a year old on my newly built home. 2-10 sent contractors out on three occasions and they have not yet approved the ordering of a part needed to fix the problem. The buck is being passed between 2-10 and the contracor. As polite and patient as I have been, I am really tired of being hung up on by 2-10 . I will start my journal today regarding my dealings with this company, 2-10. Meanwhile, I will be consulting with my lawyer.

  7. Lynn T says:

    I am having some similar problems in Snellville GA with 2-10. They are rude and uninterested in resolving the problem with my AC. My unit is just turning a year old on my newly built home. 2-10 sent contractors out on three occasions and they have not yet approved the ordering of a part needed to fix the problem. The buck is being passed between 2-10 and the contracor. As polite and patient as I have been, I am really tired of being hung up on by 2-10 . I will start my journal today regarding my dealings with this company, 2-10. Meanwhile, I will be consulting with my lawyer. This is TRULY a scam!

  8. Ben Eisner says:

    I filed a “Gas CO, Red tagged claim on my furnace (also fan for A/C) on September 8th. After stories no one could believe, it has finally been corrected at 1PM , October2. It only took 4 contractors and ONE lawyer. I live in LA and during the 3 weel period of NO A/C temps were 100+.

    1) Can I sue 2-10 for anything

    2) Is there a class action suit waiting to happen against 2-10 (others, also but one at a time is fine)

    Can I sue 2-10? btw, my wife’s Pulmonary Doctor has letter in 2-10’s file that it was detrimental to an existing interstitial lung disease, being treated at UCLA??

    e-mail me if you are a lawyer w/experience in this. I have no time to pen pale, and feel there’s a case.


  9. Bryan says:

    I am an electrical contractor in Indianapolis, IN I have been a service provider for 2-10 home buyers warranty for 4 years. They were always good to get along with until about a year ago when they hired JOHN RAMLER to take over IN, OH, KY area. He would call me and tell me I was over an average dollar amount per clain that he wanted to be met. This amount varied every quarter and was not obtainable, it simply takes what it takes to repair something correctly. I went to his boss and he didnt care. They now use a contractor in Indianapolios that doesnt work on alarm systems, doesnt go outside of Indianapolis, and (according to several of my customers) cant seem to fix anything electrical. What a joke the guys working for me repair anything right the first time.

  10. Marcia Clausen says:

    I’m a realtor in Columbus, Ohio. As a real estate professional, I am approached by home warranty companies regularly to use their products. I just got approached the other day by a representative from 2-10, so I decided to go online and take a look at what the consumers were saying about all these companies, and I can honestly say that there seems to be issues with all of them, some more than others. The best advice I can give you when you have a problem, is in addition to contacting the home warranty company, contact your real estate agent who sold you the home.

    I would want to know if one of my clients was having a problem, even if I didn’t recommend the company for 2 reasons:

    First, my job is to take care of my clients. That job doesn’t end at closing. I want my clients to know that they have an advocate in me, and the time it takes to help them in this situation is part of the service I provide.

    The second reason is, I want to know when specific companies don’t honor their commitment to the home owner, so I don’t recommend them again. My business depends on referrals from satisfied clients. Their experiences with affiliates reflects on me.

    I guess there’s actually a third reason:

    Since the home warranty companies advertise to real estate professionals, we are in reality as much the consumer as the homeowner. If the realtors are getting involved in the problem, the home warranty company will want to maintain a reputation with the realtors, who are actually the ones who sell their policies (and talk to each other about their experiences with these companies). I know the local reps I’ve dealt with are usually anxious to resolve specific issues that pertain to our clients, sometimes to the point of paying out of their own pockets for deductables, and other extra expenses to the homeowner. They will almost always intervene with the company on behalf of the homeowner (if they want to keep business).

    If the real estate agent who sold you your home isn’t willing to get involved, I’d look for another agent when you decide to buy your next home. But, having said that, remember that we try to do the best we can for our clients, but if a company fails to honor it’s committment to the homeowner, all we can do is try to help you resolve it, and then if the company isn’t willing, not recommend them again.

    Good luck, all of you with your claims. I hope you all get the service you need…and deserve.

  11. Phyllis says:

    I had a 2-10 HVW for the last 6 years since buyng my new house. My frst claim was a plumbing leak they stated the would not fix becuase the builder didnt install the right piping so I had to pay the plumber to fix it. Then my garbage disposal was not working so I submtted another claim which they did honor. My last claim was my microvave which needed at part the repairman said said was out of stock and would need to replace the micowave. 2-10 HBW did replace the micowave, however when I tryed to renew my warranty they stated I could not renew. You cant talk to a real person, you can only sent emails. When I askied why I could not renew my warranty they would not give a reason and just stated I was not longer eligible to renewal. I seems to me that they will take you money each hear, but if your repairs are to costly or they state the repair is not covered or maybe have to many claims they will not renew your warranty.

    Based on all the comments I have read, there may be nothing anyone can do other than get the word out to the general public to not use 2-10 BHW and find a more reputable company. That is what I plan to do and hope others will do the same.

  12. Pam says:

    Our furnace went out last night. Finally got a repairman here at 1:30pm today. Took him all of 1 minute to say something was cracked and the unit needed to be replaced. An hour later he returns from his truck with $figures on what the warranty will not cover. $1600.00!!! You have got to be kidding me!! He says the part is too old to be replaced and assured me I would pay well over $3000.00 for the same furnace. I asked what I was paying for and he showed me the figures for all the “updating” that has to be done in order to replace it. What a joke!

  13. Anonymous says:

    I currently work for HBW and I happened to come across this blog while researching info for an un-related issue. As I understand the frustrations that all of you are going through, I can also understand how it may also be difficult for you to understand our company’s point-of-view.

    I know this is a few years late, but I happened to look up the Work Order # that was provided in this blog, and the notes clearly show that HBW had done everything possible to try to get this issue resolved. The contractor may have given the customer some information, however the contractor failed to follow-up with HBW and give us the information we need. HBW pays the contractor parts & labor costs for covered repairs or replacements to save homeowners from spending thousands of dollars on repairs/replacements if they were not to have a warranty. Our contractors are our eyes & ears and without knowing what HBW is being billed for by the contractor, our hands our tied. Specifically in this blogger’s Work Order, after the customer called to check on the status, HBW noticed we were not given any information from the contractor so we had called the contractor several times starting Friday to obtain the cost of the parts and labor, as well as the specifications on the type of part that was needed (model #, serial #, etc) that was needed. The contractor continued to tell us they’d call us back to give us the information. Finally, on Tuesday we obtained the information we needed and proceeded with ordering the part and authorized the contractor for the repair. During issues where the contractors are non-responsive for 48 business hours, the department which hires/fires these contractors re-evaluate the working relationship we have with the contractor which could lead to terminating them. We will also assign a new contractor to service the homeowner’s problem in that instance. This is a last resort since we believe sending a new contractor right away can delay service even further since the process starts all over due to the new contractor wanting to provide their own diagnosis/estimate due to liability issues.

    Those of you who feel it is necessary to obtain a lawyer, I guarantee that once the claim notes are subpoenaed and taken into court, it will show the effort that HBW makes to try to get our customer’s issues resolved. It may not seem like this is the case from the homeowner’s persepective, but “behind the scenes” we have several employees whose specific job duty is to follow-up with contractors to get information we need. I am not making an excuse for all of your situations since I know there may be times where an HBW employee may “drop the ball”, but I assure you we address those issues as soon as it is brought to our attention.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Also, there are 2 divisions within HBW: The New Homes Division & Resale Division. The New Homes Division strictly handles newly constructed home claims that have mechanical failures for the first 2 years that a home is built and some structural issues for the first 10 years (hence the term 2-10). Usually when mechanical failures occur within the first 2 years of construction, the builder or manufacturer of the system is contacted to address the failures. The Resale Division handles mechanical failures after the homeowner renews their mechanical coverage after the first 2 years of New Home mechanical coverage expires. Also, the Resale Division provides warranties on pre-owned homes. As with most warranties out there nowadays, whether it be with Auto repairs or appliances, Home Buyers Warranty only covers failures due to normal wear and tear. I encourage current homeowners with a Home Buyers Warranty to review the Terms & Conditions of their contract to fully understand what is covered and what is not covered. If you do not have a copy of your warranty, you may call 1-800-775-4736 and request to have a copy of your specific coverage mailed to your home or emailed to you directly. Or, of course, you may speak with Customer Service who will discuss your coverage with you over the phone.

  15. HBW Is A Scam says:

    Bought a brand new home that came with a 2-10 HBW that was advertised by the builder and the attorney who closed on my home as a super warranty that would cover any and all construction defects, workmanship or system deficiencies based on the guidelines in the booklet. My builder also stated in front of the attorney that he would personally fix any and all issues with the home within the first year of occupancy. That was and still is not the case.

    My home has several deficiencies and defects that fall within the scope of the HBW coverage yet for over a year and a half the builder and the HBW have not completed ANY of these repairs. I have been told by 2-10 HBW that arbitration is the only option as that is what you agree to when you accept the warranty at the time of home purchase.

    Bottom line, if you take the 2-10 HBW your builder is NOT required by them to put the home into correct performance standards.

    The 2-10 HBW will NOT enforce your warranty.

    The 2-10 HBW will NOT set repair deadlines for the builder.

    The 2-10 will NOT determine warranty coverage

    The 2-10 HBW will ONLY act if you go to arbitration, get a judgement, AND ONLY AFTER the builder fails to uphold the terms and conditions of the binding arbitration.

    No timelines are provided for the completion of repairs, so in the case of so many others, the arbitration and repair process with the 2-10 HBW could take years to resolve.

    I will NEVER buy a home that has a 2-10 HBW provided warranty again. I will NEVER recommend 2-10 HBW to anyone.

    Best of luck to all you you that have 2-10 HBW “warranties” just like me.

  16. sheryl gabrielle says:

    they are the worst .my basement wall is cracked and only 5 years young with water and soil coming through. they refuse to fix the cement wall.. they are atotal rip off.

  17. Paul S. says:

    Like the furnace issue above, nearly a week after we called and weather in the teens, we got a HBW approved contractor out there,had something cracked too (heat exchanger) and the repairman came up with many figures $1200 to $3000.00 and that the warranty probably wouldnt pay anything because it was not up todays code, (this was installed over twenty years ago and there was no code per CABO) But sure enough after the repairman called HBW and went over with them about the codes they refused to pay. We ran him off and got a contractor to install a brand new unit for half what he wanted w/o any HBW help. After calling HBW many times we got nowhere.
    Its just a rip off and something is going on with the people they use too!! Why would this guy want to have our claim thrown out the window?? SAVE YOUR MONEY!!! Play the lottery your chances are better!!

  18. Joey says:

    2-10 sucks – My water heater went out at the end of January. We contacted 2-10 and they sent a contractor that thought he fixed the problem. Nope – we called back, 2-10 approved the wrong doing, and here it is Feb 16th almost 3 weeks with no hot water, we have had 2 blizzards and it’s been in the temps outside are in the teens. I have 2 kids and a hubby who have to take cold showers, no hot water for the dishes to be cleaned or laundry, and this will probably end up messing something else in the house. It’s hard to accept that we pay a annual fee, and a upfront fee to keep our house “Healthy” and all 2-10 has done is made a major hardship on my family. Maybe we need to bring this up to one of the TV News stations – Hello channel 7

  19. Lance says:

    WOW– look at all the complaints against 2-10, surprising?? Nope– not since Jan 25th have I had consist heating- 8 service calls, 2 different contractors, and still doesn’t work correctly. Imagine waking up at 5 in the morning to 42 degrees in your house, when it is -17 below with the wind chill. Just today, I had the same contractor come out, it malfunctioned. Contractor stratches his head, “we need to replace it” called 2-10 was on hold for 45 minutes, told the contractor no we need a second opinion. Which by the way I already had a second opinion, this will be a third opinion. Unbelievable–BUYER BEWARE!!!!!

  20. John Covalesky says:

    I was a contractor for 2-10 for several years. We got graded on our cost per call The warranty company would send us calls based on them paying for a basic installation.
    The warranty company would pay for 30% of the call & the rest was paid by the homeowner. In most cases the homeowner could have went with their on contractor & lowered the repair cost. The more we could put off on the homeowner, the cost per call would go down to 2-10HBW. We were encouraged to decline calls, in return the lower cost per call, would result in 2-10 sending over more calls. Next beware of Susan Landing with Remax Preffered Realty, Edwardsville Ilinois.Phone #618-655-1191 ext. 109. She will tell you everything is coverd, selling you a home warranty contract. Instead of addressing problems at closing. The first 30 days of your warranty most everything does not get coverd, She knows this but miss leads you. Instead you get a home that you think things are covered & you find out they are usually pre-existing & not covered.
    She uses these home warrantys to sell you a false sense of security. She has no morals & will screw you over for the sake of a dollar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Frustrated says:

    HBW is a nightmare, these people have paid a contractor three times to replace the same part on a stove within a 6 month period and the stove still doesn’t work. HBW is now telling me that I have exhausted my money for this claim, that the contractor has determined that a different part is needed. My stove still doesn’t work and they are not going to hold him responsible for erroneous work he performed. Is there a remedy to this companies lack of fairness?

  22. Roubi says:

    Has anyone had issues with the structural warranty portion of this warranty? Our 8 year old house is sinking in one corner and the foundation cracking. The company has denied our claim stating that the damage hasn’t met the terms of the policy. Its states that the house has to be unsanitary, unsafe or otherwise unlivable. I guess if we do nothing it will eventually become unlivable and unsanitary, but we will not do that. I am very frustrated with the company as we have been going back and forth since August. I am currently deciding if it is worth getting a lawyer involved. In any case this warranty was a huge waste of of money and gives the homeowner a false sense of security.

  23. Doug says:

    2-10 are not interested in honoring their committments to you. The company is only interested in taking your money and then trying to get out of paying for any repairs. Expect them to send shady contractors to your home who will lie to you and expect them to try to replace any malfunctioning equipment with shoddy, cheap, and/or obsolete equipment. I recently purchased extra coverage from 2-10. This was their R410A coverage which they claimed would cover us for a new Puron-based cooling system in the event that our A/C unit failed. Well, we had A/C problems about a month after we purchased the coverage. Long story short: The contractor they sent to my home came from almost 50 miles away, conducted no leak test, charged me for freon, and then lied to me and 2-10 about the nature of the problem. I learned this because I had to pay for my own A/C service to come check the system out. Now, 2-10 is claiming that the extra coverage I purchased does not apply. They have been rude and condescending on the phone. They have repeatedly transferred me, put me on terminal hold, and even hung up on me. After approximately 5 days of bargaining with them on the phone, I purchased two new domains while I was on hold: http://www.2-10sucks.com and http://www.2-10sucks.net. Beware of 2-10!!

  24. Chris Fisher says:

    The service, or lack their of, is terrible. As for Mike the contractor’s comment, why did you sign on with the company? Now that they have raised the yearly cost to $600.00, $100.00 per visit, I am dropping them very soon. Nice to have a contractor say 9:00 am, never show up or call, and not return a single message. Then to be told 2 weeks to possibly locate a refrigerator compressor in 90 degree heat is ridiculous. No one I called seemed to care, and I really can’t put into words all the gibberish they told me. I paid for good, on time service, something they seem not to care about. With the new raise in cost and service fees, it is a waste of my money. Other better companies out there, and less expensive.

  25. A-1 says:

    We have been HVAC contractors for over 30 years in the Michigan area. We have worked with several home warranty companies in the past, and without reservation HBW is the BEST. I am amazed at the claims they cover. Many, many of the claims are on units lacking basic maintenance. I refer my friends/family to HBW. If one would simply read what is and is not covered, there would rarely be an argument/disagreement. HBW covers repairs that NO other warranty company would.

    Conversely, we worked with AHS for a brief period. They informed us NOT to repair a/c refrigerant leaks. Rather, they wanted us to simply refill the system – leaving the problem for the home owner. NOT the case with HBW…..
    Ref John Ramler…..he contacts us once a month or so. His job is to audit the repairs being made, I have no problem with that. There ARE some unscrupulous contractors out there who would take advantage of any warranty company were it not for a representative like John, to simpy review invoices. He has always been respectful toward us and never insinuated that he didn’t want repairs done correctly (unlike AHS).

  26. Justin Barber Denver,co says:

    I worked for over 9 years at 2-10 home buyers warranty check out my blog.


  27. Justin Barber Denver,co says:

    this is a cash cow company

  28. Michelle says:

    Sept 17 2010 is the 2nd anniversary of our brand new home purchase. We have never filed a claim with 2-10 because our builder covered things for the first year. They fixed things when we needed them done. Yesterday we discovered 2 water spots on the ceiling in our kitchen directly below the HVac system in the attic. My husband went up there and found it was indeed leaking from a tube on the drip pan. Not sure what the fix will be but I can’t imagine it will be much. He called this morning (Sunday) to file a claim knowing we will pay the $50 fee–understandable. They told us we had no warranty and that it had expired. I was looking at our contract online while she told my husband this. I have until Sept 17th of this year on systems and until Sept 17 2018 on structural. I was looking at my contract dates showing active. What gives? They said to call back tomorrow to speak to a sales agent. SALES AGENT?? Why? My husband double checked everything and called right back. The lady answered saying our account was flagged and they weren’t even to speak to him. That’s scary. After finding this site and reading the horror stories I am very concerned.
    I hear contractors/repair people on here saying “we don’t get paid much. don’t expect much” and homeowners saying “they’ll do anything to avoid their obligations”. I’m distressed. I am not one of those kind of home owners that calls about anything and everything. My husband will try and fix things for the most part. Come on though. To tell us we don’t have a warranty?? Are they just trying to drag it out past Sept 17th? We were planning to renew the warranty but now I just don’t know.
    If anyone from 2-10 HBW is out there, I’m not trying to get something for nothing. I do my maintenance around the house. I’m not trying to run the house in the ground and have someone else fix it when it fall apart.
    We bought through Brendwood Homes in Summerville SC. They went bankrupt right after selling to Crescent Homes…which just so happens to be run by the very same man that ran Brentwood.
    Ahh…makes me wish I were a renter again. I paid about the same renting a house as I do for the mortgage, taxes and insurance PLUS I didn’t have to pay warranties, HOA fees, maintenance costs…and oh…how home prices have fallen. Yes…homeownership….the great American Dream!!! Mehhhh, Not so much. Sad to say.

  29. LuCressia says:

    It has been several years since I wrote on this site…I cannot believe these people are still in business! and they are still doing shady business! When is our state representatives going to deal with them. I suggest to everyone on this site that you contact your government office and complain…surely we don’t have to take these people to court to get them out of business???? After they sent us our little $1600.00 check for the over $100,000 damage to our home…they sent a letter stating that account had been closed and please contact them so they could print a new check….of course we have never gotten any $ from them as of yet.

  30. CMC says:

    Add me to the list of very unhappy 2-10 HBW customers who will not be renewing my warranty. I tried to receive same-day emergency service for a plumbing leak, but HBW could not even provide a local plumber in my area. Their nearest contractor was located 60 miles away–and I’m in a MAJOR metropolitan area with hundreds of plumbers. Trying to go out of network was nearly impossible, as 2-10 fought me every step of the way (over a $200 claim). Customer service was atrocious. I had one rep read me back the notes HBW took, and they were blatant lies and misinformation that did not accurately reflect what happened. I was appalled and very concerned that if I’d had this much trouble for a minor issue, what would happen if a major system failed?

    I came away with the overwhelming impression that 2-10 HBW employees are trained to do everything in their power NOT to approve a claim, which is ironic, because they’ll now lose thousands of dollars worth of renewal fees from me because they didn’t want to approve a small claim.

    Surprisingly, 2-10 is rated with an A+ on the BBB. I’d encourage everyone who’s had a significant problem to report it. I find it so hard to believe that the majority of customers would rate them an A+ if the notes in this thread are any indication of their level of service.

  31. FloridaMar says:

    Same company only it is a water heater. Nothing but runaround. The copay is now $100.00 in Florida.

    I bought a buyers warranty on appliances, wiring, plumbing on my “used” home thru my realtor. The Waranty Co. is Home Buyers Warranty Corp.VI, Denver, CO. (VI stands for Virginia, a former location). My water heater burnt out. I got estimates from independent companies and was told my 17 year old heater was not worth repairing.
    I called Home Buyers and the sent a representative from Third Generation Plumbing (Tampa, FL) The first thing the man said was “why did you unplug the water heater?” Duhhh, I did not want to burn down my Condo. Next he wanted the $100 deductible up front. I stated I wanted to know what he would do about the heater before I paid anything. (The policy says it must be paid before the work is finished).
    He said it probably needed a new element. I told him I knew it was over 17 years old and would probably leak soon. The average life is about 12 years. He said that was all he was authorized to do. I told him I suspected he and the Warrantee Co were fraudulent and a rip-off and I would pay nothing and get the @$%&() out of my house. A few minutes later I received a call from his company saying I had to pay the $100 or they would sue me and discontinue the policy. I reported it to Angies List and intend to do so to every site I can find. I want my $354.00 back which I paid for the policy. I have had no other claims. \

    I know “lots of luck”, FloridaMar

  32. Dnna says:

    6/07/2011 We have had 2-10 Home Warranty for 1 1/2 years. So far, they have repaired my heat pump/ac twice, 2 different problems and parts. They replaced my the digital electric panel that controls everything on my oven/range as well as the thermostat. They also sent someone out to check our septic system when the ground began to sink around the tank. This was actually caused by a leaky faucet. Each time, they’ve sent responded in a timely manner. The range/oven electric panel took a while to get, but the unit is 12 years old. It’s important to read the coverage plan when it arrives to see what all is covered and what the limitations are. So far it’s been good.

    I did have a problem with the cost of the plan going up this year though. I thought the jump from one year to the next was a bit high. Plus, they did not tell me that the co-pay amount was going up by $10.00. Other than that I’ve been happy with them, knock on wood!

  33. Michelle says:

    Consumers purchase home warranties for $400 per year to cover ALL of the appliances in their home and expect to be given everything under the sun. As a former office manager for several appliance companies heres my advice: Try performing routine maintenance on your system BEFORE the cooling season begins, or prior to problems occurring. Invest in a service contract to cover maintenance so that you are aware of potential problems and your not calling at the same time as everyone else who turns their ac system on for the first time! Why would you wait until it is 100 degrees then call your warranty company miracles and same day service??? Every company (if their any good) is busy during this time. If you called any contractor you would not receive same day service. A routine service call just the diagnostic fee can cost you up to $125 particularly if you live in a metro area, never mind the cost of adding freon or replacing a part. You home warranty practically pays for itself if you have one service call for the entire year. I worked for a contractor who participated in the warranty program with several different companies and was always amazed with their clients and how demanding and unrealistic they were. They acted as if the warranty “entitled” them to service immediate service and no cost repairs! Hello if you neglect to change your filter and your unit starts leaking water it’s YOUR FAULT not anyone elses. The warranty customer’s clients never maintained their systems properly, had existing problems prior to the initiation of their contracts and had systems they knew they should have replaced when they purchased their home. If you buy a home with a 15 year old unit put $$ in your budget to have it replaced, or if the unit in your home never worked properly to begin with or was never sized properly why would you expect the warranty companies to pick up the tab!

  34. Bondo Bob says:

    Have AC issue they sent a very polite repairman who had no idea what he was looking at.
    First was pay the 100 dollar copay. Then Oh! it’s frozen I’ll have to come back. 4 days later
    Oh! it needs freon (did not work) Oh! it has too much freon (that didn’t work). OK there is a blockage you need new duct work, new lines, new evaporator, new drains, Oh! and maybe an electrician to see if it is connected properly. Unit worked fine for seven years and now everything goes bad at once. Just pay the $1520 and we will order the evaporator. MAYBE HE IS QUESSING Do you think I will let him back in the house?
    By the way I did pay for enhanced AC coverage but for the right protection you need Enhanced AC with superior to be properly covered. LOVE THAT FINE PRINT ONLY AVAILABLE ON THIER WEBSITE

  35. Bondo Bob says:

    Follow up:
    After complaining about $1520 was told HOW ABOUT $820?
    Still looking for a knowlegable repairman who is authorized by 2-10
    I wonder where the $700 savings went?

  36. Bondo Bob says:

    UPDATE Well it is now 7/8 (about 21 days after first call) still no A/C even though they have approved the repair with the company of my choice (approx $500)

  37. Mark Walser says:

    You are crazy to do business with these people. I was excluded coverage on a controller head of a well pump with this is specifically NOT excluded. I was given the runaround for over 35 minutes. Good luck if you are as dumb as me and expect to have coverage!

  38. Al79 says:

    Can’t believe what a scam this company is . I spoke to a supervisor named Heather and she could care less that I had a problem .

  39. regretful homeowner says:

    It has been three weeks without heat or air conditioning. The contractor told me they could have had the problem fixed the first day they were here, but because of the warranty policies we have had to wait for approvals and parts shipped direct from 2-10. When I called to complain the Supervisor actually told me that it is not that bad and I just am not able to take the weather. I will never buy a home warranty from these people again and I will warn everyone of the terrible service I have received. Don’t waste your money.

  40. Judy Dowdall says:

    I am dealing with a large structural problem with the same company. I am president of a
    NC Home Owners Association. One of our condo buildings with 24 condos in it, all insured with 2/10 Americas Choice. The end of the building started to sink cracking the walls in 6 end units. Calls and engineering reports left their insurance company telling us that the building didn’t meet their qulification fo being “unlivable”. the walls have cracks from 1/4 inch to 1/16 in going from floor to ceilings. they will not honor the structural part of their warranty.

    I have contacted the NC Attorney General Consumer Fraud division. If anyone else in NC has a problem with them, why don’t you file a complaint also. These guys should not be in buisiness. BTW, I am a realtor also and will let my fellow real estate brokers this is not a company to recommend.

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