Similar Posts – if you like this you may like that for WordPress

I’ve been wanting a plugin for WordPress for a while now that would list other related posts to visitors. The best way to draw someone to read a previous article is to remind them of your previous posts in new posts. This extra step is a real hassle and frankly when someone is reading your blog simply from the feed it becomes more of a hassle than anything.

So tonight I searched and tried out a few similar posts plug-ins for Word press and finally came across this one ( This particular plugin gives weights to the post titles and uses the first 20 words in order to determine like characteristics. I just used the defaults for my blog and it works great. I am sure if I increase the number of words it scans in the posts to 50 it would be more accurate, but it’s working well out of hte box and I dig it. Now, I wonder what other posts it will recommend for this one? 🙂

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