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Compiled Weekly

This week on CompiledWeekly, Angelo explains how to install, setup and use a Subversion revision control system.  Learn about the basic concepts and how to use TortoiseSVN from Windows Explorer. Check it out:

CW9 – June 3, 2007 – Subversion revision control system

One Topic:Subversion, a open-source, cross platform revision control system. Tonight I talk about how to install, configure and understand how to use a Subversion repository. Don’t forget to E-mail comments and suggestions to compiledweekly AT Subversion :: An open-source revision control system Subversion on Wikipedia :: Wikipedia information on Subversion Setup Subversion Server Linux […]

Electronic Frontier Foundation – Protect your blogging

Due to recent circumstances, I recently required help regarding free speech matters. A friend recommended the Electronic Frontier Foundation to get information how I can protect myself. Site: I was told about this organization months before but I did not take the time to investigate until just recently. If you are a blogger, you […]