Guacamole in and Sour Cream out

So I saw the Dr yesterday, and I have high cholesterol. Of course I knew that already but I also found out that I can eat Avocados and guacamole! My last doctor gave me an information sheet for my diet which put Avocados at the top of the list of things to avoid eating because they are high in fat.

I was aware that doctors have now classified two types of cholesterol; a good one and a bad one.  Even though Avocados are high in fat, it’s the good fat! Read more here:

The looser in this post is sour cream. I love sour cream, especially when I eat Mexican. I also love Guacamole. Typically I use either or both to add some flavor and moisture to an otherwise bland burrito or fajita. The past few years I have avoided guacamole and used sour cream, sort of a less of two evils decision. Now I know better, the sour cream is out and the Guacamole is in! Yea baby!!!

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