VS.PHP – IDE, Debugger, WYSIWYG HTML Editor

Wow.  I am blown away.  I think the pricing is just a tad too high though.  I would recommend selling the Standalone Edition for $100 and the for Visual Studio Edition for $75.  Anythign prices over $100 is a hard sell.  Lucky for me I have a copy of Visual Studio Standard I got from a Podcast promotion from Microsoft last year.

VS.PHP Web Site

I am hoping that the debugger in this product works well.  This is the one thing that PHP lacks.  So far I’ve confirmed that it is not a Dreamweaver replacement.  It does not have a split view for editing HTML and it does not treat PHP pages the same as HTML pages.  I would like to edit my PHP in a design view.  Most likely the developers of this application do not consider the spaghetti coding style as a way their program should be used.

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