Time Warner isn’t done screwing me!

Don’t do business with Time Warner Cable.

When I canceled my account with Time Warner Cable (see previous blog post), they told me they will credit me $30 for the amount from my last payment up until the day I canceled service. Apparently words mean nothing to Time Warner Cable. They billed me twice and on the same day! It’s like they know they lost me as a customer and decided to f*%k me in the ass some more. For this extra hassle, I am going to go out of my way to get as many people who have Time Warner Service to switch.

If you live in Columbus, cancel your Time Warner Cable and sign up with WOW Internet and Cable or get DSL and Satellite. Unless you want to be f*%k in the ass like me, then sign up or stick with Time Warner Cable and enjoy getting screwed out of your time, your patience and your money!

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