Time Warner came up short

I used to have nothing but praise for Time Warner Cable and their Roadrunner service. All that went out the door this past week when my wife and I moved to a new home.

The Story
I called Time Warner Cable 3 weeks before the move took place in order to have the cable connected the day we closed on the home. Had I known what was going to happen the week following I would not have even bothered.

Soon after the cable guy left on Friday the 19th, I noticed the Internet was slow and not as responsive. Since we were moving that weekend, I didn’t think anything much about it.

On Monday, the 22nd, I finally setup my router and plugged in our computers throughout the house. Quickly I noticed the Internet was very slow and a couple times within that hour the Internet went out. The cable modem never blinked, the status lights were as they should which left no indication that there was a problem with Roadrunner. Never the less I called Roadrunner and went through all the normal steps, directly connected my computer to the cable modem, cleared my downloaded files, etc.. The tech had me use the dslreports.com/stest to see how fast my connection was. I was still observing very slow speeds and during the conversation the Internet went out again. Finally after about 45 minutes of doing different things they scheduled a tech to come out to the home. Unfortunately they have to schedule these visits during business hours, which meant I had to take 2 hours of paid time off to meet the cable tech on Tuesday between 3-5pm. I scheduled the appointment for the following day.

From this point on, I had my computer directly connected to the cable modem that way we could eliminate the router as the source of the problem.

On Tuesday at about 3:45pm, the tech arrived. He tested the levels in the cable, put new ends on all the cables inside the home and installed new splitters. He told me there was nothing wrong and I shouldn’t have the problem anymore. I ran the speed test a few times while he was there. I observed download speeds of 1.5Mbps. I was not satisfied with this speed. At the previous apartment I was consistently getting 4.7Mbps down. Never the less if he fixed the problem that caused the connection to reset I would deal with the slow speeds for a while. Within 5 minutes after the tech left, my Internet connection died. Imediately I called Time Warner Cable and ended up on hold for 15 minutes before I could speak with someone. I wanted them to have the tech turn around and come back, but the call center said they would have to create anotehr new ticket, walk through all the tests again before they could schedule anotehr visit at the home. For another 45 minutes, between 4:15-5pm, the tech I talked to kept having me type in trace routes to www.rr.com and then had me read all the numbers for every single hop. At about 5pm, the guy hung up on me. At this point I was furious. I called back again, spoke with another tech who finally ran all the typical tests a 3rd time. At this point I started asking lots of questions about the network. I found out there are over 380 cable modems in the neighborhood that I am connected into. I also found out that the first hop in my connection should not be exceeding 150ms. My first hop were at times timing out and at best 200-400ms. By 5:30, this last tech worn me down and basically said there was nothing wrong and I should be ‘all set’. I just wanted off the phone at this point.
Now my dslreports.com/stest results were not even breaking 1Mbps down. Out of desperation, I E-mailed a friend who works at Time Warner about the problems I was having. I told him that all the cable ends were replaced, new splitters installed, and the levels in the cables were ok according to the tech that visited the home. He suggested I exchange the cable modem since that will most likely be the next step they do if I call back and complain about the problem again.

At 6pm, I drove down to the Time Warner office near Downtown Columbus. I exchanged my cable modem, drove back to the home and plugged it in at about 7pm. I ran the dslreports.com/stest and observed even slower speeds, ranging from 400-700Kbps. Trying to not worry about the actual speed of the Internet, I started to do my typical computer programming work and within about 15 minutes the Internet connection died again. At this point, I gave up out of fustration and went to bed early.

On Wednesday during my lunch hour at work, I called the Time Warner Cable tech support to see if they can investigate the network between my home and their offices. The first woman I spoke with insisted that I have to be physically in front of my computer and she has to walk me through all the steps I have gone through 3 times already before she would elevate my call to someone who could help me. I didn’t mess around and within 5 minutes of my call I was speaking with her supervisor.

I spoke with a supervisor named Daniel at the Roadrunner call center in Canada. He really didn’t want to bend on their policy of wasting my time and having me do a bunch of steps to eliminate the problem being my computer. I told him I could ping my computer from my office, but then every so often in 5 minute pockets, my computer at home will not be online and my pings will time out. He argued with me for a good 40 minutes. In the process I found that he was making claims of how fast the network should be and what appropriate ping latencys should be with the first hop from my home I decided I wasn’t speaking with someone educated with any real networking skills. I insisted I speak with someone in level 3 support and he refused. Finally he convinced me that I could speak with the local Time Warner office here in Columbus to see about getting a tech to come out and check everything again.

When the call was transferred to the local Columbus office, I spoke with a tech who seemed to actually know what he was talking about. He immediately ran a test with the cable modem and noticed some problems with the ping times (same times I was complaining about with the supervisor a few minutes before). He said we should schedule a tech to come ot the home and investigate the problem. I reluctantly agreed to meet the tech between 8-10am on Friday morning.

On Wednesday evening, I used my neighbors wireless connection and observed better connection speeds than on my own Time Warner Cable.

On Thursday, some co-workers recommended I take a look at WOW cable and Internet. Their pricing is more expensive than Time Warner Cable, but if they could give me a stable Internet connection and good bandwidth, I’ll gladly pay $20 more a month. I decided I should wait and see if the next tech can figure out the problem first.
Finally on Friday the 23rd, I waited from 8-10 for the cable tech to arrive. at 5 minutes before 10, the tech finally arrived and started doing the same tests the previous tech made. I told him there was something seriously wrong and he would have to most likely test from the box back to their network. He said he didn’t come with any computer testing equipment, he was only there to test the cable levels and that the modem is online. I tried hard to keep the guy there as long as I could finally he told me everything is working right and there is nothing more he could do.

Right as he walked out the door, I called WOW Cable and setup an appointment the following Saturday.

On Saturday, the WOW cable tech came to the home, installed new splitters and the new cable modem. Within 1 minute, I was downloading at over 6Mbps!

I did some reading on dslreports.com of the reviews of Time Warner in the past 12 months and found many people had the same complaints that I did. I followed one thread where the guy stuck with Time Warner for 5 weeks. They finally did solve the problem, Time Warner had to upgrade their networking equipment for that particular neighborhood in order to meet the needs of the amount of customers they had their. It seems Time Warner has lost sight over the past year on maintaining their infrastructure in favor of buying other cable companies including Adelphia. It is a real shame, cause they lost me as a customer.

I was fortunate to live in a neighborhood where there are two separate cable carriers available. You can read more about WOW cable at Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WOW!_Internet_Cable_Phone

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  1. Hey Angelo I so feel for you

    I have had the same issues with Cox Communications here in Arizona. Uplodaing my podcast and having the modem crap out and “reset itself” in the middle of an upload is a pain. Called them, and they asked if I was splitting it I informed them I was, they told me they can’t support that… I told them YOU GAVE ME the splitters your going to support it. They sent a tech and actually found out that the cables they provided that they used when I moved in were actually the culprit and the modem was fine again. Not two weeks later its the same thing Modem resets. All the cables are fine but modem just keeps crapping out. They state that it’s not their network…… Thing that sucks, they bought out the only other cable provider in Arizona so it’s them or DSL……………

    Good to see ya got it all working now.

  2. DigitalBrian says:

    When I got RR installed 3 years ago they had to run new cables from the main road and down my entire street to make it work right, but they did that right away on the first visit so I guess TW is slacking off lately eh.

  3. Hey Angelo I so feel for you

    I have had the same issues with Cox Communications here in Arizona. Uplodaing my podcast and having the modem crap out and “reset itself” in the middle of an upload is a pain. Called them, and they asked if I was splitting it I informed them I was, they told me they can’t support that… I told them YOU GAVE ME the splitters your going to support it. They sent a tech and actually found out that the cables they provided that they used when I moved in were actually the culprit and the modem was fine again. Not two weeks later its the same thing Modem resets. All the cables are fine but modem just keeps crapping out. They state that it’s not their network…… Thing that sucks, they bought out the only other cable provider in Arizona so it’s them or DSL……………

    Good to see ya got it all working now.

  4. netbob says:

    Man, I feel for you. Reading through the same pages on DSLreports regarding RR reveals a company that has lost track of their original mission statement. If Verizon FIOS was available in my neighborhood, I would be so gone from TWC.
    Good job on WOW.

  5. robin says:

    We are in Simi Valley and Time Warner sucks big time. they have been out here 4 times – with days and days of waiting to get appointments and we still have very poor service. Tonight we wanted to flip on a pay per view movie and it came up saying there was a problem with our account. We called them and after being on hold for 45 minutes they tell us our account is past due. I’ve had an account with these idiots for 10 years and I have never been past due with them or anyone else. So…they put us on hold and surprise…we were disconnected. Now, 30 minutes later we are – you guessed it – on hold again. I pray another service comes to Simi so I can tell these assholes to go to hell.

  6. Chuck Heckel says:

    I had cable installed in 1994 when we moved into this house. In 2000 I had Adelphia install internet service. From that point, I experienced very few problems with service. Since Time Warner has acquired Adelphia, the internet service suxxx. For a while it would go down every day at 2:45. I would call and file a report during each failure. The finally sent a repair guy that knew what he was doing. The system worked perfectly for about four weeks when it went down again.

    The next day I called the phone company and am now using ADSL from Bellsouth. So far I have not noticed any difference in the speed. In fact, I feel it is actually faster than TW.

    We are now looking into Direct TV and other TV outfits that will allow us to divorce completely from TW.

    Face it gang: TIME WARNER SUXXX!!!!!!!!

  7. Angelo says:

    I’ve come to the conclusion that Time Warner Cable has gotten too big. From 1997 to about 2003, they had great service and had a good reputation in Ohio. Since then, I’ve learned that during and before that time the Northeastern Ohio (Akron), Central and Southwestern Ohio (Cincinnati/Dayton) areas were run separately. Over the recent years they have consolidated heir service. I believe they’re having a mixture of growing pains and loosing the local connection with their customers. The more distant you are from your customer the less likely you will be able to solve their problem. I blame this single factor for their failure to resolve my problem. The tech folks I spoke with located in some call center in Canada wrote me off with the excuse that the problem was within my house. I’ve proved that wrong, WOW cable works great with the same cables running throughout the house!

    I’m pretty lucky to have a choice in Cable service where I live. WOW cable has their own infrastructure, when they came out and installed their service, they had to run a new cable into the house. Lucky for me, the service works well. I did have an issue with their DNS servers, when I called WOW I got the run around just like I would with TWC. I am also confident that if you had a problem with your service from a very large telco, you’re going to have the same terrible customer service.

    If Time Warner Cable wants to fix what they broke as far as their customer service is concerned, they are going to have to return to treating each region of the country as a separate operation. When you call tech support and the person on the other line could live down the street, a different perspective on the whole situation of support is elevated to a level that cannot be matched otherwise.

    Time Warner Cable is saving money with their consolidations, but their advantage against other cable and telephone companies has been lost.

  8. john says:

    Dayton, Ohio TWC isn’t any better. after the new software upgrade in April my box would not do the same things as before(microsoft software engineer reject). ordered new boxes, rr, & full phone service (I thought) {always record conservations from now on} ordered on 5-2. arrived 5-6 and installed one box. the other was defective as well as the rr/modem box. said would return 5-9. no tech-called and ask why? “Oh the order was not put in right.-be there on 5-12. no tech-called and ask why? “Oh your repair order was canceled by ‘someone’ in house” thanks for nothing.
    the one box quit working, “we will bring a new box right away” comes out and replaces
    Problems still continue-no caller ID, “Oh its not working right-‘thats no charge though’ “. I guess not since it doesn’t work any way.
    I would have had Dish 12 months ago but I am in the woods with no clear line of sight.

  9. Larry says:

    TM has been screwing me around for two weeks now. I’ve had no service and they don’t seem to be able to fix it. A repair man came yesterday. He took some tests, walked out the door saying he needed to check something and then never came back. I just returned from the local TM office. Guess what? They didn’t have a single person I could talk to. I’m fed up and going to change.
    Regards, Larry Brownsville, TX

  10. David Linus says:

    With all the recent news on what TM is doing, its no wonder why so many are jumping ship. For me, what kept me on were the LEGITIMATE newsgroups access they had to offer. With that gone now, my motivation to stay is non-existent. Luckily, I found another usenet provider, newsdemon.com that lets me access the newsgroups. Now I just have to find a reputable ISP.
    D. Linus

  11. ZeTo says:

    time warner’s Greed has blinded you folks foolishly to reality, are you all even aware that the shows you run, and charge what you do for movies can be viewed on “hulu” for free? and then you bottom-feeders are so greedy for money that you thieves are billing your customers for movies they did not rent from you, or viewed at all, then you bottom-feeders report your greedy lies to the credit bureau. and at the tune of $45.00 AFTER I had closed my account and returned your equiptment and paid off what I was lead to believe was all the money I owed at the time, By the way I have the reciepts. and get this I AM A CURRENT ACCOUNT HOLDER WITH YOU people, I questioned if you folks were in the habit of allowing someone you allegedes owes you money to open, or re-open an account? I will CANCEL my CURRENT account with you thieves, and Verizon will be your replacement. And as for the $45.00 I do not owe you thieves a dime, and I will NOT allow you people to bleed me for money I do not owe you. you people should put a better system in place to accurately, AND rightfully stay on top of the facts, before you get your selves caught by the right Agency. I will continue to blog until every one is well informed about you dishonest bottom feeding time warner.

  12. Tim says:

    Time Warner is just flat-out horrible, they came out to do an install, and the picture quality was just disgustingly bad compared to my satellite picture. I was told that I would see as good if not better picture by the shady sales rep. When I asked the sub-contractor to remove the box he already installed, he blew his top and ran out of the house to scream to tech support at Tme Warner. He then refused to hookup my tv back the way it was before he came into my home, leaving me with no signal whatsoever. He also refused to give me his name as he drove his raggedy old truck away from my home. All while nearly knocking me down with his extended style side mirrors. He would not even show me the cables he disconnected from my Satellite to reconnect. Saying that he was “not allowed” to touch Dish network cables. Funny being that’s how they became disconnected and cut in the first place!!. Stay away from Time Warner if you know what’s good for you. You’ll regret it immediately if you don’t already……

  13. PDF says:

    I hate TIme Warner Cable. I will not ever use company again. I had agreed for a 1 yr of contract, first I call to terminate my contract beliving that we only have one months left but one of the customer service said “you signed up for 63 months!!!!*** What the heck… I’ve never heard of 63 months contract…all through calls and many transfered I finally got to speak with a smarter customer service, finally found out that its only 13 months contract…but still due to the promotionally rate I got 3 months fee, but the the actual contract doesn’t start until those 3 months ends…so now I ended up with 15 months contract. I am moving and so there is not Time Waner where I’ll be, they will charge me a ternimation fee of $200 or else I’ll be paying 3-4 more months…which now make it seems $200 is nothing… So please do not use Time Waner, but if you have no choice watch out for this lame contract and this saleman that will trick you into signing up something that you do not even know about. Their customer service doesn’t even care about you, they do not care if you take your business somewhere else.

  14. Robert Dzuris says:

    I’m glad to see an army of Time Warner critics. The variety of complaints is matched only by the number of unhappy customers. I am one of them. I have two homes. One is serviced by Comcast and the other by Time Warner. The difference in technology and convenience are startling considering the costs are the same. Comcast has it over Time Warner hands down. My sincerest wish is that Time Warner goes belly up and Comcast buys them out, so everyone can experience what good cable service is like.

  15. Sam I Am says:

    I have Time Warner in Rochester, NY. There service is poor. On bad weather days, my digital TV signal gets pixelized. Never happened when I had Satellite. I’ve been on the phone for 5 minutes trying to reach a live operator. If you hit “0” you get disconnected. I think I’m going to disconnect with them.

  16. CARMEN says:

    Time warner acts as if the customer owes them something. I finally switched to Direct TV. They may not be perfect but when I call they are so nice, unlike time warner.
    I finally got tired of throwing time warner money for bad service and unprofessional customer service. I encourage everyone to do the same.
    Time warner charged me and charged me for service witch didn’t work for weeks then when I complained they sent me a check stating over payment for sixty plus dollars, then I began to receive calls during work that I needed to make payments to a late bill. I couldn’t believe it. They send a check but charged almost triple what the check was for. I am done with them.

  17. tom conn says:

    I was going to buy a new tv, mine was getting to be about 5 years old and time warner came out and said the picture from them was as good as it gets, they changed some connecters and no improvement, I switched to Direct TV and I have NEVER

  18. Mike says:

    Hey, Check this out!! I was setting up service with Time Warner and when we got to the part were I make the appointment for hook ups at my house. I ask how much is the Modem and the Instalation cost. The person on the orther end at T.W. said I don’t know. I can tell you after we do it. WHATS!!! UP WITH THAT!! Its like buy this car and sign up like a big boy and I will tell you how much it will cost after you buy it. Then I ask well what about the cost of sevice after 12 mons. as you have in small print on you ads Well I can’t tell you that. But if you want you can cancell it after 12 mons. WHAT A STUPID DEAL AND A RIPP OFF SCAM. MIKE IN SUMMERVILLE S.C.

  19. Dawn says:

    Time warner sucks with customer service. I called there 866-607-1258 number and I had a girl who I thought was with time warner and of course it was with some outside service ( which by the way is a SCAM) They were from Saveology and wanted to add a 9.99 charge for equipment protection before they would let me upgrade my services. I then get transferred to a customer service representative who gave me the run around. I never did get to talk with them about any promotions or upgrades. My phone service happenes to be on the blink with them as well, and I could not make any calls outside of California. It must be wide spread because I got an automated voice saying that they had engineers working on the problem. I am going to the top to complain about their horrible service, and I’m switching to Satellite TV. I currently have telephone, internet and tv with them. I’m getting away from them by this coming tuesday!! I might check into getting an attorney to handle a class action suite with them since they are running scams with other companies and not being upfront about it.

  20. Cindi G says:

    Time Warner Cable of Southern California, has been suited by hundreds of former employees and is set to loose in a class action law-suit. In Palm Desert’s office, Michael Contreras, Human Recourse manager has be less than cooperative with the law firm caring out the law suite and has been ignoring all calls to his office. This may be indicative of the treatment of employees under Contreras’s control. His behavior and manner of handling this legal matter is very unprofessional and more than likely will cost him his job.

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