Verizon billing department on crack!

I just listened to the post on the Geek News Central about how Verizon quoted a Internet Access rate of .002 cents a kilobyte and charged .002 dollars per kilobyte. The customer in question used 71,000 kilobytes of bandwidth. This sounds like a lot but once you translate it to megabyte, we are talking about 70 megabytes. This is the equivalent to downloading 2-3 podcasts, which could easily be done in the matter of a few minutes on a normal Internet connection. With the amount of downloading I do, I would expect a rate of .002 cents per kilobyte, since I could easily go through a Gigabyte of data a month. So, think about this…

1 Gigabyte of data through Verizon at the .002 cents rate, would be $20, reasonable monthly fee

1 Gigabyte of data through Verizon at .002 dollars rate, would be $2000, this is completely unreasonable.

1 Gigabyte of data in a month could easily be used simply by downloading Windows updates, reading E-mail, download and install a large application such as OpenOffice, downloading podcasts, viewing some pictures on flickr, watch a video on YouTube about how Verizon does not understand math and you got your Gigabyte used up.

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  1. Cam Tidwell says:

    Verizon’s accounting is not the only loose screw in the company. Their FIOS section is even more screwed up. We were supposed to get FIOS on December 28, 2006. After over six telephone calls, talking to at least a dozen people, and being hung up on by one of Verizon’s supervisors. We learned that Verizon had rescheduled our installation to the end of January. No call to us to let us know. With this type of service we decided to cancel FIOS and go back to ATT which has provided us dependable service for 25 years. This event cost me over $500. Don’t let it happen ot you.

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