Tonic: Another web hosting control panel

I am starting a new project with my free time (If I can make some time) called Tonic. It is a simple web hosting control panel geared toward servers that run Apache, MySQL, Qmail and Bind9.

Tonic, an agent which strengthens or tones. And Tonic will strenghten the management of a simple web server too.

I tried using a few other freely available web hosting control panels which ended with a week of wasted time and fustration. The two contorl panels I considered were ISPConfig and Ravencore. I found ISPConfig to be extremely complicated. Ravencore turned out to be not so friendly on Fedora Core 4 with Bind and Postfix/Dovecot (E-mail). Since I am knowledgable with Qmail and managing Bind through webmin, I am going on it alone.

Hence the Tonic project. I need a simple and clean control panel to give to my spaceblue customers. Stay tuned for more information on

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  1. Angelo says:

    An update to Tonic:

    I decided to rely on many already written applications in order to assist with getting the project together. Here is a list of the server services I am packaging together: apache, mysql, php, perl, awstats, qmail, spamassassin, clamav, dovecot, vsftpd and bind9.

    I plan to integrate the following apps into the project: phpmyadmin, awstats and initially use the cgi based qmailadmin. I do plan to replace the qmailadmin with a newer easier to understand screen but time is an issue.

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