Rude Podcasters!

I have been working this past few days on fixing some bugs on Most of the feedback has been positive but there have been a couple very rude people. What bothers me is how ignorant people are when dealing with the public. I know many of us get frustrated when things do not work right away but that is no reason to flip out.

If you are a podcaster, rock star, artist, musician, politician, TV, movie or some other celebrity, you are your brand. It is very important to recognize that the language you use and your reactions to problems are how others will perceive your brand. If you act like an a$$ then your brand will look like a$$.

If you are producing a podcast, here is my advice. Complain when you have problems, but do it in a manor that does not ruin your brand. Oh, and rent the movie Overnight for a great example of ignorance.

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