Capital One: Who’s checking your credit rating on a monthly basis?

So, I checked my credit report 3 weeks ago, last year Capital One ran my credit 8 times. So I called Capital One and requested to be removed from their system and I explicitly requested they never run my credit report again. Well, guess what I got in the mail today? An offer for a Capital One Credit Card, they ran my credit.

If you have a Capital One card, burn it. This company doesn’t care about anything but getting you signed up for a credit card. There should be a law that no single Credit organization can access your credit report more than once a year. There is absolutely no reason for them to keep pestering me, I will never ever have anything to do with them now, and I will see to it that everyone I know never deals with them either.

One comment on "Capital One: Who’s checking your credit rating on a monthly basis?"

  1. Angelo says:

    They sent me 2 more credit card offers since this original post. This reminds me how MCI kept calling me to join their long distance service. I suspect they are laying it on thick for a reason, hopefully not the same reasons MCI and Enron had.

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