US Bank screwing its customers

US Bank is charging a $2 ‘Check Reject Fee’ for checks not ordered from them directly.

I got the $2 sting today in my checking account. I am going to go to the bank tomorrow and complain. If they can’t stop this policy, I’m switching banks. I am not ordering new checks, specially since we are planning on moving in the next 1-3 months.

Also, they didn’t actually reject the check, they gladly paid the amount on the check to the person I wrote it to. Perhaps the message should be ‘Check not provided by us Fee’. Cause that’s what it really means.
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2 comments on "US Bank screwing its customers"

  1. langley says:

    “$2 sting” huh? wow…are you broke now? i can lend ya a couple bucks if you need it.

  2. Angelo says:

    They are going to charge me $2 since May 15 for each check I write because the checks I ordered are not from them. That means I’m paying $2 to write a check. Money orders are cheaper than that!

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