Microsoft’s April Fools: verclsid.exe

Windows freezing up problems since April of 2006? Right click on a desktop or special windows folder crash your computer? Well if you have some HP software or nVidia drivers installed Microsoft says: April Fools!
Yes, Microsoft had their own April Fools joke for us, in the April 11 Windows Update.

Very funny Microsoft. This was a pretty good joke. Every time I right clicked on the desktop, any of the special folder such as My Documents, my computer processor usage would sky rocket thanks to this nice new program called verclsid.exe. Apparently Microsoft decided the best way to solve a security problem was to add another application to windows. No need to actually fix the problem in windows, just add an application! Well they sure got me going there, I was working on the problem for a good 4 hours.

Here is the fix according to Microsoft: Oh, thanks for the registry information, I am sure the average user will easily add these to their registry.

This is the kind of crap that causes people to go out and buy a new computer. I sometimes wonder if Microsoft does this on purpose or are they just this stupid?
What made this April Fools joke so wonderful was the random errors I got. One of the errors: Windows cannot find ‘(null)’. All I can say is HA HA HA Microsoft, you got me this time. You F^@#ing bastards, please feel free to SUCK IT and SUCK IT HARD!

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