Monthly Archives: March 2006

Domain Names and Web Hosting – DON’T MIX

I have had my share of troubles with domain names registered with web hosting companies. Currently I am trying to change name servers for a domain hosted by StartLogic ( and let me tell you they are the worst I have ever had to deal with. Their web control panel says I can change the […]

Free copy of Visual Studio 2005 Standard

If you like to develop software in previous versions of Microsoft’s Visual Studios then this is the promotion for you! Listen to 3 podcasts and be qualified for a free copy of Visual Studio 2005 Standard.

Finding Contact Solution – No Luck

In the past year or so my eye doctor convinced me to use this product by Ciba Vision called Clear Care. Since I made the switch I have not had an eye infection. I used to get 2-4 eye infections a year simply because of my irregular sleeping habits. Sometimes I find myself wearing contacts […]